Core Paths Plan

Every local authority in Scotland is required under the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003 to prepare a Core Paths Plan to 'provide the basic framework of routes sufficient for the purpose of giving the public reasonable access throughout the area.'

Core Paths aim to promote access and reduce the potential for conflict between the needs of land managers and those of access users. The development of the plan will ensure that each town and village has a basic framework of paths available for recreation and everyday journeys by local people and visitors.

The routes identified as Core Paths have been selected through public consultation and aim to meet the needs of communities and visitors.

The Core Paths Plan will be reviewed to ensure that the network still meets the needs of our communities. 

North Ayrshire Core Paths Plan and Environmental Report

The Core Paths Plan Document (PDF, 6mb)

Environmental Report (PDF, 3.4mb)

Maps 1 to 7 - Isle of Arran

Map 1 - Lochranza, Pirnmill & North West Arran (PDF, 4.4mb)

Map 2 - Lochranza, Sannox & North East Arran (PDF, 4.6mb)

Map 3 - Brodick, Corrie & Goatfell (PDF, 3.6mb)

Map 4 - Brodick (PDF, 3.8mb)

Map 5 - Brodick South, Lamlash & Holy Island (PDF, 6.4mb)

Map 6 - Blackwaterfoot, Shiskine & South West Arran (PDF, 5.1mb)

Map 7 - Whiting Bay, Kildonan, Kilmory & South East Arran (PDF, 4.9mb)

Maps 8 to 14 - North Coast & Cumbraes

Map 8 - Skelmorlie, Largs & land to East (PDF, 4.9mb)

Map 9 - Skelmorlie & Meigle (PDF, 3mb)

Map 10 - Largs (PDF, 5.7mb)

Map 11 - Largs South, Great Cumbrae, Fairlie & West Kilbride (PDF, 6.5mb)

Map 12 - Millport (PDF, 1.7mb)

Map 13 - Fairlie (PDF, 1.5mb)

Map 14 - West Kilbride (PDF, 2mb)

Maps 15 to 18 - Garnock Valley

Map 15 - Dalry & land to West of Dalry & Kilbirnie (PDF, 5.3mb)

Map 16 - Dalry (PDF, 2.4mb)

Map 17 - Kilbirnie, Beith & surrounding area (PDF, 9mb)

Map 18 - Kilbirnie & Beith (PDF, 2mb)

Maps 19 to 20 - Three Towns

Map 19 - Ardrossan, Saltcoats, Stevenston & surrounding area (PDF, 3.3mb)

Map 20 - Ardrossan, Saltcoats & Stevenston (PDF, 4.2mb)

Maps 21 to 23 - Irvine & Kilwinning

Map 21 - Irvine & Kilwinning (PDF, 6.7mb)

Map 22 - Eglinton Park & surrounding area (PDF, 3.2mb)

Map 23 - Central Irvine (PDF, 2.6mb)

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