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How much is my rent?

Weekly rent charges

The amount of rent charged is based on the size and type of property.

Weekly rent charges - from 1 April 2024
Number of bedroomsFlat House
0 £68.05 £68.05
1 £85.99 £86.49
2 £87.30 £87.84
3 £88.61 £89.08
4 £89.82 £90.32
5 not applicable £91.66
6 not applicable £92.91

Monthly rent charges

If you wish to pay monthly, calculate your monthly payment by multiplying your weekly rent by 52 and then divide by 12.

Rent charges review

Rent charges are reviewed each year. We will consult with you during the process. This will normally take place in the Autumn. New rent charges are applied around the start of the new financial year (1 April).

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