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Land enquiries

Estates is responsible for North Ayrshire Council's land and property ownership records. Contact us to enquire about:

  • council land ownership in a particular area
  • the purchase of a small area of land believed to belong to North Ayrshire Council
  • extending your existing boundaries onto council owned land

Private land enquiries

North Ayrshire Council does not hold records of the current ownership of private land or property. Request this information, from the Registers of Scotland or consult your solicitor. 

Make an enquiry

Please include, where possible:

  • the intended use of the land
  • a basic location plan highlighting the area in question
  • information on any adjacent road junctions, prominent buildings or other nearby features which could be of significance.

Public open spaces

Please note: applications for Planning Permission to change the use of public open spaces or amenity grounds, owned by North Ayrshire Council, are unlikely to be approved, in accordance with the Adopted Local Plan and National Planning Guidance.

Purchase conditions

Council land purchases or extension transactions will only go ahead provided that:

  1. The transaction doesn't affect public open space
  2. No other party is likely to show interest (if so, the land will be placed on the open market for sale).

Approved transactions will be subject to the following conditions and fees:

  • the purchase price of the land
  • North Ayrshire Council's Legal and Estates fees for sale of land for garden ground extension - currently minimum £1,050
  • your solicitor's fees
  • approved Planning Permission for change of land use (this will incur an additional fee)
  • council approval of the Provisional Terms and Conditions of Sale