Listed buildings

A 'listed building' is a building, object or structure that has been judged to be of historical or architectural interest. Depending on their significance, structures are categorised as A, B or C listed, as decided by Historic Environment Scotland.

Find listed buildings

View North Ayrshire listed buildings on our map.

Propose a building for listing, de-listing or review

Anyone can propose a building for listing, de-listing or review on the Historic Environment Scotland website.

Altering, or demolishing, a listed building

It is a criminal offence to carry out works to a listed building without prior listed building consent - even if you didn't know that the building was listed.

Search for listed buildings on the Historic Environment Scotland website's listed buildings section.

If you own a listed building and plan to; demolish it, or alter or extend it in any way which affects its character as a building of architectural or historic interest, you may require Listed Building Consent.

Grants may be available for certain works to listed buildings through the Building Repair Grants Scheme.

Apply for Listed Building Consent

Apply for consent


Applications for listed building or conservation area consent are not subject to fees.

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