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Contaminated land

The Environmental Protection Act 1990 and the Contaminated Land (Scotland) Regulations 2000 & 2005 require local authorities to:

  • inspect their area to identify contaminated land
  • ensure it is remediated
  • maintain a register of contaminated land, available for public inspection.

Our Contaminated Land Strategy (PDF, 14.5mb) details our approach to the inspection process.

The council has a duty to:

  • identify contaminated land through inspection of its area
  • act as the enforcing authority for all contaminated land, unless the site meets the definition of a 'special site'. In this event, the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency will act as the enforcing authority.
  • exercise responsible actions as an owner of land
  • maintain a public register of contaminated land.

More Information

For more information see Scottish Environmental Protection Agency.

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