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North Ayrshire Council sets rent levels for 2024/25

Posted on 15 Feb 2024

The full meeting of North Ayrshire Council set council house rents for 2024/2025. Members agreed a rent increase of six per cent, an average of £4.97 per week, effective from 1 April 2024.

This was the lowest and preferred rent option that tenants were consulted on.  The approved rent levels maintain current service provision, delivers the Strategic Housing Investment Plan; and ensures continued investment in the Council's housing stock, with total planned revenue expenditure of almost £61.7 million and a capital investment programme of £52.8 million for 2024/25.

The capital programme will support; the delivery of 1,641 new homes by 2028, the buy back of 65 properties over the next five years and ensures major improvements to existing homes, including reroofing, solar pv installation, insulated rendering, electrical rewiring, installation of new kitchens, heating system upgrades, installation of new bathrooms and replacement of windows.

Councillor Tony Gurney, Cabinet Member for Green Environment and Economy, said: “First and foremost, I want to thank all the tenants who took the time to respond to our rent survey. With more than 1,300 tenants taking part, it is the largest response we’ve ever received.

“They indicated a clear preference for the first option which represents an average rise of £4.97 per week and that has been agreed by a meeting of elected members at Full Council.

“We recognise that everyone is still feeling the effects of the Cost-of-Living Crisis and our Housing team are going to great lengths to ensure that every penny represents value for money.

“It’s important to recognise that the money raised through our rents goes back into our housing supply, whether that’s through the improvements to existing homes or to support our ambitious council house building programme.”

In addition, elected members agreed a rent increase of six per cent in 2024/25 for garage sites, lock ups and gypsy traveller site fees and an increase of five per cent for service charges.

While the final national rent figures for 2023/2024 are not available, the published indicative figures show that the average weekly rent for North Ayrshire remains lower than the Scottish average.

Support with housing costs is available to households with lower incomes through Housing Benefit and Universal Credit.

Tenants who are experiencing difficulties in paying their rent should contact North Ayrshire Council’s Welfare Reform Advice Team, which can provide vital advice and support to access benefits to which tenants are entitled.

If you need to contact the Welfare Reform Team, please email welfarereformteam@north-ayrshire.gov.uk or call 0300 999 4606.

Anyone needing help during the Cost-of-Living Crisis is asked to visit the Council website, which has a wide range of advice available, including information on how to get support for energy bills.