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MyNAC frequently asked questions

What is MyNAC account?

MyNAC is our customer account. You can use the account to automatically fill in your details in online forms, view your history of service requests and view the status on current your service requests. You can also use it to access your Council Tax and Housing Rent Online Accounts. MyNAC uses the national MyAccount to create your account and to sign in. 

How do I create a MyNAC account? 

To create a MyNAC account you need to have a MyAccount. If you already have a MyAccount that you created to use with another local authority or to access another NAC service like National Entitlement Cards or iPayimpact, you can log in with that and then opt into the MyNAC account.

If you do not have a MyAccount you can select ‘Create an account’ on the MyNAC sign in page. You can also create an account on the MyAccount Portal and get further assistance on the MyAccount Help Centre

What details do I need to give to create a MyNAC (MyAccount) account? 

When you create a MyAccount you are asked to provide your name, gender, date of birth, email address and home address. You can also optionally provide your phone number. These details are then passed to the Council once you consent to create your MyNAC account. 

If you would like more details on how we will look after your information, you can view our Privacy Policy Statement on the Council website. 

If I change my details in MyAccount will this update them in MyNAC account? 

No, once the account has been created and the details passed to create your MyNAC account changing your name, address, phone number and email address will not update your MyNAC account. You need to update these in your MyNAC Profile

How do I change my username or password? 

To change your username or password you will need to log into the MyAccount Portal that is managed by the Improvement Service. You can get further assistance on the MyAccount Help Centre page

How do I change the details in MyNAC account? 

You can change your name, address, email and phone number within the MyNAC Profile page on your MyNAC account. 

Do I have to use MyNAC (MyAccount) to submit online forms to North Ayrshire Council? 

There will be some forms where it will be compulsory to set up and log in with a MyNAC account. These will include online forms where you are asking for a grant, benefit or discount from the Council.  

Where you are reporting something to us, like dog fouling or a pothole, you will not need a MyNAC account. But if you want to be able to keep a history of what you have submitted or to see the status or your request you would need to log in to your MyNAC first. 

How do I find out about the status of my submitted request? 

You can only see the status of any requests you have with us that you submitted while you were logged into your MyNAC account.  

You can see the status of any requests you have with us by first logging into your MyNAC account and then going to MyNAC Requests

How do I see my Council Tax and Housing Rent Online Accounts? 

After you have created your MyNAC account you can register to view your Council Tax and Housing Rent online from the MyNAC Profile page.