John Muir Award

The North Ayrshire Countryside Ranger Service is a John Muir Award provider. This means that we incorporate the Award into our outdoor learning programme.

The John Muir Award encourages people of all ages and backgrounds to discover, enjoy and conserve the planet's wild places.

The Award was launched in 1997 by the John Muir Trust to;

  • promote educational, social and personal development, through the exploration of wild places and involvement in conservation
  • encourage an environmental agenda within youth organisations and a youth work agenda within environmental organisations
  • ensure that social circumstances don't exclude people from opportunities to experience wild places

There are 3 levels of the John Muir Award. To gain an Award, 4 challenges must be met;

  1. Discover a wild place
  2. Explore your wild place
  3. Conserve – take some personal responsibility
  4. Share your experiences

Our Ranger Service delivers the John Muir Award in partnership with youth organisations, schools and community groups.

Individuals, families and small groups are encouraged to take part. Visit the John Muir Trust website to find out more.