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Council Tax bands

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Council Tax Bands

North Ayrshire Council - Council Tax Band Charges 2016/17
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Council Tax charges were frozen in North Ayrshire between 2015-16 and 2016-17. Water and wastewater charges have changed. For information visit Scottish Water.

From 1 April 2017

The Scottish Government has changed the Council Tax multiplier, through legislation, for properties in Valuation Bands E to H from 1 April 2017. There is no change to the multiplier for Valuation Bands A to D.

Council Tax is applied across Bands A to H. Each year the council sets the Council Tax for Band D properties. The amount payable for the other Bands is calculated using a multiplier (fraction) of the Band D charge. Each Band has its own multiplier.

Current and revised multipliers for Bands E to H, and the percentage increase in charge are shown in the following table. This excludes any increase to Council Tax that may be approved by the council. Scottish Water charges will continue to be charged using the current multiplier and are excluded from the increase. From 1 April 2017, the multiplier for Band D is 360 instead of 9.

Multipliers for Bands E to H
BandCurrent multiplierRevised multiplier
from 1 April 2017
Percentage change

















Any additional funds raised will be retained by the council and invested locally.

Exemption for low income household in Band E to H properties

Single person households with net income of up to £16,750 and all other households with net income of up to £25,000 and less than £16,000 in savings are eligible to apply for a full exemption from the increased charge through the Council Tax Reduction scheme.  

If you are a low income household already in receipt of Council Tax Reduction you don't need to re-apply. Any reduction you are entitled to will be included in the 2017/18 Council Tax annual demand notice.

Problems paying Council Tax?

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Find your Council Tax Band

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How are Council Tax bands set?

The Ayrshire Valuation Joint Board (which is independent of North Ayrshire Council) decides which of the Bands your home falls into. The Band determines how much Council Tax you pay.

To ask about, or make an appeal about, the banding of your house contact The Ayrshire Valuation Joint Board.

Visit our Discounts page to find out if you're eligible to pay less Council Tax and for more information on Disabled Person's Band Reduction or our Exemptions page to find out if your property is exempt from charges.

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