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Your community: service updates (COVID-19)

Restart of community letting

The strong partnership, commitment, and shared vision by North Ayrshire Council and North Ayrshire Federation of Community Organisations has enabled the safe and effective restoration of a range of activities and services.

It is important that the responsibility for the safety and wellbeing of our staff and hall users is managed and maintained to the highest standard and that there is a collective and cohesive approach between North Ayrshire Council, our Community Associations and user groups towards re-introducing vital community services and recreational activities.

Please review our community let COVID-19 terms and conditions (PDF, 182kb) and complete the supplementary COVID-19 conditions of let form.

These conditions must be adhered to by all groups and individuals considering a let of a Community Hall or Centre managed or operated by North Ayrshire Council, Community Facilities.

Risk assessments are currently under review and in process of being updated.

Please see below the list of venues we are not in a position to facilitate community letting programmes:

  • Brisbane Centre
  • Ardrossan Civic Centre
  • All Schools 

Please note: our phone lines are operating Monday and Wednesday from 9.15pm to 4.45pm. Please call 0345 230 1325 within our operating hours or contact us at communityfacilities@north-ayrshire.gov.uk.

Community funding applications

Locality Partnerships are now meeting online and will consider grant applications to the following funds:

  • Common Good Funds
  • Town Charitable Trust Funds
  • Margaret Archibald Bequest Fund
  • Elderly Grants

Information, including help with previously approved funding applications and additional funding sources can be found on our Community Funding page.


Please note that nobody involved in the North Ayrshire Community Support Hubs will ask members of the public to pay them money upfront before getting groceries or helping with other tasks. If you have concerns about the legitimacy of a caller you can get in touch with the Community Planning Team to check their details and contact Police Scotland on 101.


Shielding is a range of measures that can be taken to protect extremely vulnerable people from coming into contact with coronavirus, by minimising all interaction between them and others. You should have had a letter from the Chief Medical Officer if this applies to you.

We understand that this means the practical aspects of daily life may become very difficult for you.

You might feel worried and isolated. You might need help with things like:

  • getting food
  • making sure you have enough money
  • getting your prescription
  • your wellbeing

If you don’t have any family or friends that can support you during this time, please get in touch with us on 01294 310000.

Find our more about shielding, and how we can help (PDF, 259kb).

Locality community support hubs

Support hubs have been established in each locality to help you with your concerns around COVID-19, including:

  • health and wellbeing
  • money
  • food

The functions of the community hubs are to:

  • provide an information service and signposting to statutory services
  • manage Foodbank distribution
  • deliver prescriptions, where no other help is available

The hubs are coordinated by a small team of North Ayrshire Council and Health and Social Care staff. They are not open for members of the public to visit, but should be contacted via the phone numbers detailed below.

The hubs link in with local volunteers including groups already established.

Read the latest COVID-19 communities update from The Community Planning team to find out more.

Irvine - Fullarton

  • 07934163884
  • 07398108924
  • 01294 278207

Irvine - Vineburgh

  • 07864718921
  • 07398108915
  • 01294 317156


  • 07936033039
  • 01294 313593

Three Towns

  • 07907878861
  • 01294 475900

North Coast

  • 07907876444
  • 01475 673309

Garnock Valley

  • 07395941571
  • 07907876260 


  • 07395941792
  • 01294 554699


  • 07496658760
  • 01770 600532

The Community Support Hubs are open from Monday to Friday between 10am and 1pm to receive phone calls. The answer machine is on outwith these times. All messages will be picked up the following day. 

Community support

North Ayrshire's Community Planning team are sharing frequent updates on community support across our localities during COVID-19 pandemic. We've got some amazing initiatives taking place!

For all the information visit the Community Planning Partnership website.

A number of community groups are being set up in each of the six localities:

  • Irvine
  • Kilwinning
  • North Coast and Cumbrae
  • Arran
  • Garnock Valley
  • Three Towns

The aim is to establish a dedicated Community Planning Partnership support network.

Want to get involved? Email the team directly at: info@northayrshire.community or telephone 01294 324114.