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River quality enhancement

Fish migration improvement is one of the aims of the SEPA River Basin Management Plan, supported by the Water Environment Fund.

Lugton Water was identified as a suitable watercourse and the North Ayrshire Council (NAC) Flooding section established a partnership with SEPA to deliver it.

The Garden Weir within Eglinton Country Park formed a barrier to the movement of:

  • Atlantic salmon
  • sea trout
  • European eels
  • lamprey

To facilitate migration and create a valuable educational resource, a decorative fish pass was installed in the centre of the weir with a simple eel pass on either side. The pass enables fish to cross the obstacle, increasing species diversity upstream. 


Consult our map to find out where the fish pass is located within Eglinton Park.

Environmental improvements were also made to the area adjacent to the pass.

These included:

  • footpath improvements
  • surfacing
  • benches

With the addition of educational interpretation boards, this area will form a focal point within the park.

You can view the boards below:

A newly created park app will provide more detailed information including 3D visualisation features.

This partnership project could not have been delivered without funding from the SEPA Water Environment Fund, the expertise of SEPA and support from the following partners:

  • Eglinton Country Park
  • NAC Regeneration Team
  • NAC Sustainability Team
  • Ayrshire Rivers Trust
  • Skills development with East Ayrshire Woodlands

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