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Developer's guidance: drainage, SuDS and flooding

NAC Flooding has produced a developer's guide for developments that include:

  • the provision sustainable drainage systems (SuDS)
  • notable surface water infrastructure
  • where the proposal is at risk of flooding or is likely to result in an increase in flood risk elsewhere.

The guide encourages developers to engage with the Council as early as possible to ensure that plans are fully realised.

The guide will be updated periodically to reflect:

  • an up to date understanding of flood risk and climate change
  • emerging best practice on SuDS and drainage design

To discuss matters relating to drainage, SuDS and flooding, please email our Flooding Team or call 01294 310000.

Scotland's 4th National Planning Framework has recently been published. The Council’s guidance document is therefore being reviewed and updated to reflect new policies and SEPA’s emerging guidance. Please be aware that some parts of the Council’s guidance document may be out of date.

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