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Winter resilience
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Winter resilience 

When it's snowing or icy, we treat roads on our priority routes across North Ayrshire. This ensures that your most important roads, those to:

  • work
  • school
  • primary health care

stay open and safe during sub zero temperatures.

It isn't possible to treat every road in North Ayrshire. This means, the roads with the least traffic and footfall, particularly small residential streets and rural roads, will not be treated.

For smaller residential streets, lanes and cul-de-sac's, the Council provide grit bins for you to treat your own street. If there is adequate space for the tipper to deposit and replenish the bin.

If there isn't a bin on your particular street, there will be one in a neighbouring street, which you are entitled to use. 

For your own:

  • path
  • driveway
  • steps

you can collect small amounts of grit from an amenity location in all towns across North Ayrshire.

For non-priority roads including rural roads, the solution to keeping your road free of ice and snow requires a community approach, where residents are encouraged to form a Winter Resilience Community.

Your Winter Resilience Community reduces vulnerability through communication and action, by coordinating gritting and clearing the snow in your community, on a small or larger scale dependent on ability.

There are various other benefits to forming a Winter Resilience Group, including free snow equipment, including shovels, high visibility vests and free grit.

We encourage you to come together and join our Community Register today.

For further information, please contact us and we'll get in touch.