Local Development Plan 2 (LDP2)

We are progressing work for a new Local Development Plan (LDP2) for North Ayrshire, which is intended to be adopted in 2019. The plan's preparation timetable is available in our Development Plan Scheme (PDF, 1.74mb).

Following the Call for Sites we have published our Main Issues Report (PDF, 18.82mb). This is accompanied by a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) - Interim Environmental Report (PDF, 19.6mb) which includes our preliminary assessment of the submitted sites.

Additional sites

Some comments on the Main Issues Report proposed additional land for development which was not submitted through the formal ‘Call for Sites’. To ensure transparency and allow us to consider these for possible inclusion we undertook an additional consultation between 11 August and 8 September 2017. This doesn't infer that any or all of the sites will be allocated.

View boundaries of suggested sites (PDF, 3.34mb) 

Comments received have been added to the MIR Representations (PDF, 23.3mb)

Main Issues Report (MIR)

The MIR set out our preferred options for change on key areas of planning policy. It generated comment and discussion on the key planning issues in North Ayrshire, including the number and location of new developments. Consultation responses to the MIR are helping us to prepare a Proposed Local Development Plan.

We intend to publish the Proposed Local Development Plan in Spring 2018.

SEA – Interim Environmental Report

The Interim Environmental Report is the Strategic Environmental Assessment of the LDP2 Main Issues Report. The primary purpose of the Interim Report is to identify, describe and evaluate the likely significant effects on the environment of the MIR options, if taken forward and implemented by LDP2.

Prior consultation

Consultation on the MIR and Interim Environmental Report ran from 30 January to 24 March 2017.

The representations received are available in the MIR Representations (PDF, 23.3mb). This has been updated to include comments received during the Additional Sites consultation.

Public exhibition events

Public exhibition events were held throughout the plan area during the consultation period. Comments are summarised in the MIR Consultation Events Feedback (PDF, 2.23mb).

Background information

Preparation of the MIR has been guided by evidence gathering and through consultation with technical and community partners. This included working with Scotland's Towns Partnership to prepare town centre audits (PDF, 6.53mb) and an Equality Impact Assessment (PDF, 110kb).

We updated our Housing Land Audit (PDF, 10.3mb) to give a clearer picture of the housing land supply. View our Housing Land Audit Storymap

We used national completions figures and a Housing Need and Demand Assessment (PDF, 1.43mb) to inform this. The Housing Need and Demand Assessment has been assessed as 'robust and credible' by the Scottish Government's Centre for Housing Market Analysis.

We produced a Monitoring Statement (PDF, 9.8mb) identifying the main changes since the LDP was adopted.

As part of the assessment of the sites submitted during the Call for Sites, we consulted with key agencies, such as Historic Scotland, SEPA, and Transport Scotland. Responses are summarised in the Interim Environmental Report but can be viewed in full in the Key Agency Consultation Responses (PDF, 3.69mb). This has been updated to include comments on the additional sites received after MIR publication.

At the North Ayrshire Youth Participation and Empowerment Team’s annual Youth Conference, young people took part in workshops and consultation. Responses are in the Youth Conference Consultation Report (PDF, 312kb).

LDP Work Programme Pre MIR (PDF, 120kb).

What happens next?

We'll review the comments relating to the MIR and prepare a Proposed LDP. It will set out our settled view of what the next LDP should be. We anticipate publishing the Proposed LDP in Spring 2018. You'll be able to give us feedback on it and after consideration we may make specific changes before adopting the next LDP before May 2019.

Mailing List

To receive news about the LDP2 and consultation events, email us your name, email address, and details of your interest.

Please note: key agencies and community councils do not need to register contact details as we will contact you anyway.

To discuss the MIR or Interim Environmental Report please contact us. 

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