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Millport Conservation Area Regeneration Scheme (CARS)


Millport CARS is a grant programme providing financial assistance for the regeneration of historic properties within designated areas of Millport Conservation Area.

The project is jointly funded by Historic Environment Scotland and North Ayrshire Council and will run until March 2021. By adopting proven traditional building techniques and avoiding unnecessary damage or replacement of sound historic fabric, the project aims to restore and conserve the historic built fabric and safeguard the historic environment of Millport Conservation Area for the future.

This project funds regeneration and conservation initiatives to help reinvigorate Millport as a seaside and island destination. In addition, it aims to boost civic pride by contributing to social and economic regeneration. A programme of heritage-led activities is planned to support the building restoration works by engaging local communities and visitors with local history and heritage, also providing training opportunities in traditional building skills.

For a project overview, view our story map:

Millport CARS story map

Please note: all the scheme’s funds have been now fully allocated. If you wish to add your project to the reserve list, follow the instructions to apply.


The main aims of the project are to:

  • assist property owners and tenants with the high quality external repairs of their historic buildings
  • improve streetscape by restoring traditional shopfronts and architectural details
  • engage the local community with the town's built and cultural heritage
  • provide opportunities for local contractors to improve and upskill in traditional building skills and methods


The project’s objectives are to:

  • restore and preserve historic properties
  • raise awareness of local history and heritage
  • develop advice on management and maintenance of the historic environment
  • encourage community engagement, participation and enjoyment of local built heritage
  • encourage and promote energy efficiency improvements of the historic properties and sustainability of the historic environment
  • improve the range and quality of local conservation skills
  • support the Council’s regeneration programme and contribute to the positive transformation of the local conservation area

Grant eligible areas

  • Small Grants Area
  • CARS Shopfront Improvements Area
  • NAC Shopfront Improvements Area

View the interactive map for more details on the designated grant areas.

Grants available

Building repairs

Discretionary funding is available to property owners and tenants for external repairs and reinstatement of the architectural features of their historic buildings.

Key buildings within the CARS area are targeted by a repairs programme with grant funding over £25,000, and these are identified as Priority Projects. Maximum grant funding available for a priority project will be set by the Council on a project by project basis.

All other properties within the CARS area are eligible for Small Grants for up to 80% towards the eligible cost of works and up to £25,000 per project.

View diagram

Shopfront improvements

Shopfront Improvement Grants within CARS Shopfront Improvement Area are available for up to 80% towards eligible costs of works and up to £25,000 per project.

Shopfront Improvement Grants outside the CARS area but within NAC Shopfront Improvement Area are available for up to 80% towards eligible costs of works and up to £20,000 per project. 

Training and heritage activities

Opportunities for upskilling and training will be made available to local contractors to improve their traditional building skills and knowledge about traditional materials and building methods.

A programme of heritage-led activities will be delivered through free public events and workshops to create opportunities for the local community and visitors to learn about and enjoy Millport’s history and built heritage. A number of activities and projects are included in the programme, however, some funding may still be available for additional projects. Please enquire with the project officer if you believe your project may contribute to the programme.

We will post information on current activities under #MillportCARS and on the Millport CARS website

About eligible works

Building repairs - more details in Millport CARS Guidance (PDF, 7.6mb)

High quality structural and external repairs to historic properties using traditional materials and methods including:

  • roofs, chimneys, rainwater goods, leadwork
  • stonework, pointing, traditional renders
  • traditional timber windows and external doors 

Reinstatement of architectural features - more details in Millport CARS Guidance (PDF, 7.6mb)

Where the building is in generally good condition or as part of the conservation project:

  • windows and external doors
  • decorative tiling, stone or timber architectural details
  • ornamental metalwork 

Shopfront improvements - more details in Shopfront Design Guide, May 2016 (PDF, 1.56mb)

High quality external repair and restoration works to historic shopfronts using traditional materials and methods. Based on the historic evidence, like plans, drawings and photographs with the aim to restore traditional proportions and character of the shopfronts. It may include fascia boards and hand painted lettering, recessed doors, traditional grills, awnings, stallrisers and ornaments.


  • routine maintenance and minor repairs
  • internal works, unless necessary for external structural stability
  • new buildings, demolitions, alterations, extensions and conversions
  • installation or renewal of services
  • works that have already been carried out
  • works for which statutory consents have not been granted

How to apply

If you are interested in applying, you can request an application pack from the Millport CARS Officer. It includes Millport CARS Guidance (PDF, 7.6mb) containing detailed information about the project and the application process, which we advise you to read in full before applying. You can find an application pack under the Useful Documents section on this webpage and in Millport Public Library during business opening hours.

If you are satisfied that you are eligible or advised to do so, submit a completed and signed Expression of Interest Form (PDF, 682kb) from your Application Pack or digital version from the Useful Documents section on this webpage. 

Millport CARS Officer

Kasia Smith
Millport CARS Officer
Regeneration Team
Economy and Communities
Cunninghame House
Irvine KA12 8EE

Telephone: 01294 324769
Mobile: 07826 534292

Useful documents 

Millport CARS application pack

Millport CARS Guidance (PDF, 7.6mb)

Millport CARS Expression of Interest Form (PDF, 682kb)

Millport CARS Grant Application Form (PDF, 15.35mb)

Millport CARS Grant Contract (PDF, 1.3mb)

Millport CARS Grant Claim Form (PDF, 39kb)

Millport Conservation Area Appraisal (PDF, 3.14mb)

Millport Conservation Area Management Plan (PDF, 470kb) 

NAC Shopfront Design Guide, May 2016 (PDF, 1.56mb 

NAC Window Design for Conservation Areas and Listed Buildings (PDF, 701kb)  

Historic Environment Scotland publications 

HES ‘Advisory Standards of Conservation and Repair for the Historic Building Environment in Scotland’

Below you can find a list of other useful publications detailing the standard of conservation repairs, which can be viewed on the HES website or in the Millport Public Library: