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Tourism Assistants to be introduced in Largs

Posted on 23 Jun 2022

North Ayrshire Council is to reintroduce and enhance the popular parking marshal scheme in Largs during the busy summer season.

The service was successfully provided in Largs before the pandemic to direct visitors to available parking spaces, helping to reduce traffic congestion and being a friendly point of contact for residents and visitors.

Under the enhanced scheme, ‘tourism assistants’ are being introduced as part of the Council’s new Visitor Management Plan which aims to reap the rewards of the rise in popularity of domestic tourism by providing a first point of contact and improving the visitor experience in North Ayrshire, while also limiting the adverse impact an increase in visitors has on communities and public infrastructure.

It is expected that the service will become more financially sustainable by offering local businesses a low-cost opportunity to promote their products and services through adverts on the uniforms of the tourism assistants.

This will provide an opportunity to increase profile, develop brand awareness and custom of local businesses, as well as contributing to the sustainability of the tourism assistant service.

The demand for local advertising and sponsorship opportunities has been clearly demonstrated through the rapid take-up of North Ayrshire Council’s advertising and sponsorship initiatives in other parts of the area.

Tourism assistants offer a high profile and prominent service to help advise, guide, inform and direct people to improve the visitor experience and enable quicker access to retailer outlets, tourist attractions, amenities and events through signposting.

Councillor Scott Davidson, Cabinet Member for Place, said: “We all know the significant challenges facing local businesses coming out of the pandemic, so we are developing new ways that businesses can raise their profile and reputation with local people to develop their business while at the same time protecting our services.”

“The Council’s Community Wealth Building Strategy commits to supporting the regeneration of our communities by maximising benefits from our assets and this initiative will help to play a small part in supporting our local businesses and communities.”

It is hoped that the tourism assistant scheme will commence during July and will operate on weekends throughout the summer season.

Initially, three tourism assistant posts will be created in a new and enhanced team. Applications are invited through the website My Job Scotland with opportunities publicised further through the North Ayrshire Council website and social media channels.

For more information or to reserve an advertisement go to the North Ayrshire Council website or contact North Ayrshire Council on 01294 310000 or email contactus@north-ayrshire.gov.uk.