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Launch event kick-starts Ayrshire Business Week

Posted on 29 Sep 2023

TWO Ayrshire businesses and a charity will provide their unique insights at a special event to mark the launch of a bold 10-year plan that aims to transform the Ayrshire economy.

Ayrshire Business Week kicks off on Monday (2 October) with a launch event at the Gailes Hotel to discuss the new Ayrshire Regional Economic Strategy and its delivery plan .

This event – from 9.30am-12.30pm -  will focus on three key themes:

•         Support for Enterprise

•         Fair Work

•         Innovation

 And it has been confirmed that CHAP – who offer impartial advice to anyone in North Ayrshire facing benefits, housing, or debt issues – will share their first-hand experiences about helping people back into work and ensuring they are treating fairly and with dignity.

CHAP Chief Executive, Debbie Alexander, said: “Helping everyone in the community to reach their full potential and live healthier lives without the additional stress of problem debt, is our ultimate aim. This can involve teaching cooking, interview or budgeting skills, as well as more complex advocacy and support.

There will also be a presentation from Britt Campbell, HR and Projects Manager at Newmilns Snow and Sports Complex, who will share his experiences of the support the organisation has received.

Britt added: “The Regional Economic Strategy (RES) for Ayrshire recognises the potential and the challenges for our businesses, offering a welcomed framework with Community Wealth Building at the forefront to ensuring Ayrshire is a destination of choice for living, working, learning, investing and visiting. 

“Support for innovation, growing and sustaining small business is particularly welcomed as is the recognition of the third sector in the value it delivers in the heart of communities. Ours is an example of one of these businesses supported and thriving within the community.”

 Spirit AeroSystems is one of the world's largest manufacturers of aerostructures for commercial airplanes, defence platforms, and business/regional jets. Stevie Brown, Head of Research and Technology(Prestwick)  will provide an insight into how they constantly innovate and evolve to grow their business.

Stevie said: “Innovation is key to the success and growth of Spirit AeroSystems.  We invested £30m in our Aerospace Innovation Centre in Prestwick to ensure that we stay at the forefront of technology advancement within the aerospace and space industries.  We are excited to be invited to speak at this fantastic event to share our innovation journey.”

The initial focus is to bring businesses together and to form strong partnerships across Ayrshire.

Community Wealth Building – the economic development model that puts local people and communities at the heart of decisions while redirecting wealth back into the local economy – is at the centre of the new economic approach.

And a key aim in the next ten years, is that ‘Ayrshire will be a region where wealth is shared fairly, to enable people of all ages to live full and healthy lives’.

Alastair Dobson, Chair of the Regional Strategy Working Group, is chairing the event: He added: “We are looking forward to welcoming as many Ayrshire businesses as possible.

“This Strategy reflects our collective desire to take a different approach to regional economic development in Ayrshire - an inclusive approach based on the principles of Community Wealth Building.

“All partners have their part to play and successful proactive businesses will be the heart of sustainable inclusive economic recovery and growth.

“I am sure the Ayrshire business community will recognise this and be determined to look at things differently to deliver their critical role to change the landscape of the Ayrshire economy.

“The success of the strategy will depend on excellent engagement and delivery.  The event at Gailes Hotel will be a chance for lots of us to share our knowledge and experience.

“We are a passionate, proud, creative and hardworking region, we need to nurture and develop the team approach at a local and regional level. We are confident this Strategy can deliver significant and long-lasting economic renewal across our region.”

You can view the Strategy here.

To book a place at the event, sign up here