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Time to stamp out unacceptable and abusive behaviour at HWRCs

Posted on 27 May 2022

Residents are once again being asked to show respect to staff working at North Ayrshire’s Household Waste Recycling Centres.

For the second time in recent months, North Ayrshire Council is asking visitors to our HWRCs to show the kind of respect they would hope to receive while at work.

This latest incident happened at Bartonholm HWRC in Irvine and saw staff faced with abuse and aggression after asking a dog owner not to allow their pet out on site. Pets and children should remain in vehicles at all times while visiting HWRCS for safety reasons.

This incident follows on from abusive incidents earlier this year at Bartonholm and Kilbirnie HWRC.

Councillor Scott Davidson, Cabinet Member for Place at North Ayrshire Council, said: “No-one in the course of their work should have to face abusive threats or intimidation.

“We know that the overwhelming majority of residents who use our recycling centres are courteous and appreciate the job being done by staff.

“So it’s saddening to see staff being abused simply for doing their job and ensuring the safety of visitors.

“We would ask people to show understanding and to treat others as they would wish to be treated.”

North Ayrshire Council wishes to re-iterate that it will not accept abusive behaviour towards its staff and perpetrators may be reported to the Police.