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New exhibition tells the stories of WWI

Posted on 2 Mar 2020

A new exhibition which tells the stories of people and events of World War One (WWI) has been unveiled at Irvine’s Townhouse.

The exhibition titled ‘WW100: What Do We Learn From All Th1s’ is run by PoppyScotland.  It consists of 100 stories told through original print artwork created by 100 young people that has been mounted on 100 plinths of wood which fit together to form an abstract outline of a map of Scotland.  There is also augmented reality which, when an ipad is held over the image, gives more detail about each piece of artwork. 

From acts of heroism on the battlefield to naval tragedies, from thousands of workers in factories at home to brave members of the hospitals at the Western Front, from innovations in areas such as surgery and aviation, to the enduring work of poets and artists in the trenches, the exhibition shares a wide range of stories.

It has been touring Scotland since September 2019 and was given an official launch on Monday (2 March) for its North Ayrshire stint by Provost Ian Clarkson at Irvine’s Townhouse.

It will remain on display at the Townhouse until Wednesday 18 March.  Members of the public can view the exhibition between the hours of 10am-1pm and 2pm-4pm, Monday-Saturday.