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Local MSYPs discuss 'A Right to Food' at annual Spring gathering

Posted on 16 Mar 2023

Local Members of Scottish Youth Parliament have come together for the first time this year to amplify the voices of young people across the area.

Discussing the Scottish Youth Parliament national campaign ‘A Right to Food’ and the National Youth Work Outcomes, a meeting took place at Saltcoats Town Hall on Friday, March 10.

MSYPs, support workers from North Ayrshire and MSP Brian Whittle attended the event alongside North Ayrshire’s representatives – Logan Gilmour and Mais Al Diri, MSYPs for Cunninghame North, and Pyper Quayle and Justin Jones, representing Cunninghame South.

The spring gathering brought the young people together to take part in teambuilding activities and a series of workshops led by the Scottish Parliament’s Participation and Communities Team (PACT).

Logan Gilmour said: “Our first meeting of 2023 has been extremely beneficial. Since being elected in 2021, I have worked closely with young people to understand the issues that affect them and how we can make sure that local authorities – in our case North Ayrshire Council – continue to keep young people’s rights and needs at the forefront of their decision-making process. 

“I’ll be meeting up with and collaborating with local young people during the months ahead to find out what else can be done to support them and their families with a particular focus of easing the burden of the current Cost-of-Living crisis and I’ll continue to advocate for young people from the LGBTQ community, to build a better and more equal North Ayrshire for them.”

The event also gave the MSYPs an opportunity to reflect on the great work happening in North Ayrshire and to find out more about what priorities are being championed in other local authorities.

Justin Jones said: “As a ‘Child-Centred Council’, it is fundamental that we make youth voice a priority at the heart of all decisions made across North Ayrshire.

“The recent MSYP meeting was a fantastic opportunity to meet with peers and discuss important issues such as child poverty and the right to food, alongside national decision makers all the while shining the spotlight together on the importance of involving young people in both regional and national decision-making.

“While young people remain at the heart of the Council’s decisions, it’s also important that we as MSYPs continue to build momentum and encourage key decision-makers to embrace the valuable contribution that young people have to play in our society.”

The MSYPs also used the opportunity to agree upon their priorities for the coming year and how they will work together with children and young people to take these forward.

Each of the MSYPs hold their position for two years and are the local and national representative in ensuring that the voices of young people are heard and actioned.

Stay tuned to what they are doing both locally and nationally on the Official Scottish Youth Parliament Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/OfficialSYP

If you want to talk to your local MSYP go to https://syp.org.uk/members/find-your-msyp/ where you'll find Logan, Mais, Justin and Pyper's contact details.

If you are a young person aged 14+ interested in running as an MSYP this year ,you can contact the team at youthwork@north-ayrshire.gov.uk or check the SYP website: Get involved - Scottish Youth Parliament (syp.org.uk)