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Digital resource available for carers

Posted on 20 Mar 2020
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Digital Resource for Carers


Did you know if you are an unpaid carer you could tap into support, information and e-learning through the Digital Resource for Carers?

With more individuals self-isolating and social distancing, the carer’s role can become stressful and it can be difficult to communicate with others who may also be caring for the same person.

The Jointly app allows you to create a circle of care for the person you are looking after. Once you have set up your Jointly circle, you can start using Jointly to organise care. You can use it on your own or invite others to join you and share the care - this could include paid carers, siblings or partners who help in the caring role. Jointly works on iPhone, iPad, Android devices and on most modern web browsers (home computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets etc).

Jointly can help you to keep all your notes in one place and never lose them again, and you can also organise day to day tasks using the task lists. You can create date/time specific events and invite anyone in your circle to appointments where needed. Also, you can use the Jointly Medication feature to keep track of current and past medication for the person you are caring. The app allows you to store more information and useful contacts so that you can access their details anytime, anywhere.

Normally there is a charge for this app, but if you sign up to https://carersdigital.org/ using the free code DGTL4110 you can access Jointly for free.

For more information on other support available contact North Ayrshire Carers Centre 01294 311333.