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Council introduces free 'Birth to Potty' Reusable Nappy Scheme

Posted on 8 Oct 2019

To coincide with Challenge Poverty Week and Scottish Climate Week 2019, North Ayrshire Council has announced it is to offer parents and carers an enhanced Real Nappy Incentive Scheme – becoming the first Council in the UK to provide free “birth to potty” real nappy packs.

The new enhanced nappy scheme could save families up to £1300 per child on the cost of disposable nappies, whilst reducing the environmental impact of nappies by 40 per cent.

North Ayrshire Council already offers a Real Nappy Incentive Scheme which provides a free trial pack, giving new parents the chance to see what suits their baby best. This trial pack consists of three, free reusable nappies in various styles, two waterproof wraps, biodegradable liners and a handy laundry bag.

Now, parents or carers who use the trial pack will be able to request the full new ‘birth to potty’ pack, containing 20 birth to potty nappies, biodegradable liners and a laundry bag. This comprehensive kit will also be provided free. Parents or carers who are already comfortable with the idea of using reusable nappies can request this option without the need for a trial kit first.

Making the switch to reusable nappies can save a significant amount of money in the longer term - however the initial outlay can be restrictive. North Ayrshire Council’s ‘birth to potty’ scheme will remove this cost.

The enhanced ‘birth to potty’ scheme will be funded by the reduced costs of the Council sending disposable nappies to landfill.

As part of Challenge Poverty Week 2019, the Waste Awareness team will visit Bridgegate House in Irvine this Thursday, October 10, from 11am to 1pm, where members of the public are welcome to come along, have a chat and find out more about the new offer.

Councillor Jim Montgomerie, Cabinet Member for Place, said: “We are very pleased to be able to offer this new, enhanced service to parents and carers.

“Families spend, on average, £1300 on disposable nappies per child and our new enhanced real nappy scheme would remove this cost.

“Reusable nappies are already cheaper in the long run for families, although the initial expense can be a barrier for families, but they also reduce the impact on the environment by 40 per cent.

“This innovative offer, the first of it kind in the UK, will be funded through the reduced costs of sending disposable nappies to landfill and can be a win-win for families financially and our environment.

“We hope that by offering a free ‘birth to potty’ pack we can encourage more parents and carers to think about giving reusable nappies a go.”

If you’re unable to make it to the event but would like to learn more about the scheme, email or call North Ayrshire Council on 01294 310000.