Travel Smart

Encouraging active, and sustainable travel for everyday journeys.

Did you know that around one third of all car journeys undertaken are less than a mile? The same journey could be cycled in 5 minutes or walked in 20. If we all swapped 1 car journey a week we could reduce car traffic levels by 10% .

If you're looking for ways to reduce your carbon footprint, save money and maybe even burn some calories, take a wee look at our Travel Smart booklet (PDF, 1.32mb).

Travel Smart to School

Meet Mel, Rav and Start (PDF, 6mb). Together they are Travel Smart and help to promote active, smarter and sustainable ways to travel in North Ayrshire schools.

Promotional materials

Promotional materials can be requested from our Access Officer. 


In 2015/16 £158,333 of funding was secured from Transport Scotland’s Smarter Choices Smarter Places initiative to deliver the project. This was match funded by North Ayrshire Council, Irvine Bay Regeneration Company and in-kind contributions from NHS Ayrshire and Arran and local groups. This phase concentrated on 3 geographic areas: Irvine, the Garnock Valley, and Fairlie, delivering behaviour change activities to support path infrastructure improvements in the areas, including:

  • bike maintenance training
  • bike events
  • walking challenges
  • developing active travel hubs
  • providing bike maintenance kits
  • active travel plays for schools
  • walking and scootering resources
  • appointing an I-Bike Officer to encourage active travel across the Garnock Campus Cluster schools
  • community active travel events
  • training for volunteers.

Travel Smart 2016/17

An application has been submitted for 2016/17 funding that, if successful, will concentrate on; Irvine, Garnock Valley and North Coast areas.


Part funded by Smarter Choices Smarter Places and North Ayrshire Council's Regeneration Services, Travel Smart is a partnership initiative with Irvine Bay Regeneration Company, NHS Ayrshire and Arran, Sustrans Scotland and local cycling clubs.

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