Our Countryside Ranger Service is involved in ensuring the sustainability of North Ayrshire's natural heritage. We work towards improving biodiversity in accordance with the North Ayrshire Local Biodiversity Action Plan (PDF, 3.4mb).

Projects include:

  • roadside verge project / survey
  • creation of wild flower areas
  • provision of nest boxes
  • bumblebee garden and hives
  • improvement of wetland and woodland

Recording Biodiversity

Biological recording gives conservation bodies an accurate picture of the state of species and habitats. It helps identify:

  • where conservation efforts are needed
  • sites of importance.

Our Rangers collect data for the country park and district of North Ayrshire. Data is sent to the National Biodiversity Network.

Data is collected by:

  • noting sightings when out and about
  • taking part in national and local surveys
  • individuals submitting records

Submit wildlife sightings

Email us with details of:

  • what you saw
  • how many (estimate large numbers)
  • when (date and time of day)
  • where (6 figure grid reference) and name (eg. Lugton Water, Eglinton Country Park, near castle ruins)
  • life stage (adult, juvenile, larvae)
  • what it was doing (eg. feeding, flying overhead, nesting, lying up) 


We are involved in wildlife surveys including:

  • Wetland Bird (WEBS – BTO)
  • Nest box (BTO)
  • Bumblebee (Bumblebee CT)
  • Plants (Plantlife)
  • Butterfly transect (BC)
  • Bat transect (Bat CT)
  • Low land raised bog surveys (LBAP)

Please contact us if you'd like to take part.