Our Countryside Ranger Service is involved in ensuring the sustainability of North Ayrshire's natural heritage. We work towards improving biodiversity in accordance with the Ayrshire Local Biodiversity Action Plan .

Projects include;

  • roadside verge project / survey
  • creation of wild flower areas
  • provision of nest boxes
  • nest cam in Visitor Centre
  • bumblebee garden and hives
  • improvement of wetland and woodland

Recording Biodiversity

Biological recording gives conservation bodies an accurate picture of the state of species and habitats. It helps identify;

  • where conservation efforts are needed
  • sites of importance.

Our Rangers collect data for the country park and district of North Ayrshire. Data is sent to the National Biodiversity Network.

Data is collected by;

  • noting sightings when out and about
  • taking part in national and local surveys
  • individuals submitting records

Submit wildlife sightings

Email us with details of;

  • what you saw
  • how many (estimate large numbers)
  • when (date and time of day)
  • where (6 figure grid reference) and name (eg. Lugton Water, Eglinton Country Park, near castle ruins)
  • life stage (adult, juvenile, larvae)
  • what it was doing (eg. feeding, flying overhead, nesting, lying up) 


We are involved in wildlife surveys including;

  • Wetland Bird (WEBS – BTO)
  • Nest box (BTO)
  • Bumblebee (Bumblebee CT)
  • Plants (Plantlife)
  • Butterfly transect (BC)
  • Bat transect (Bat CT)
  • Low land raised bog surveys (LBAP)

Please contact us if you'd like to take part.