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Advice for private tenants and homeowners

We offer advice to anyone living with, or affected by, private sector housing issues, including:

  • rights and responsibilities
  • property condition
  • common repairs
  • landlord registration
  • disability adaptations
  • resolving disputes
  • energy efficiency
  • empty homes

Information on property standards and the rights and responsibilities of private tenants can be found in our Private Tenant Checklist leaflet (PDF, 1.5mb).

Please note: we don't provide financial or legal advice.

Our scheme of assistance provides information, advice and practical support to help those living in the private sector repair, maintain, improve or adapt their homes. 

Private Sector Matters

We compile a Tenants Private Sector Matters magazine, which focuses on issues specific to private tenants. Our Spring/Summer 2022 Edition is now available. 

The Private Sector Advice Team also provides private sector information and guidance to:

  • homeowners
  • landlords
  • private tenants

This covers a range of private sector housing matters including property condition and tenant rights and responsibilities. 

Home Reports

Home reports help purchasers make informed decisions when buying a property. They provide information about:

  • the structural condition of the property
  • the energy efficiency of the property
  • any repairs required

Home reports benefit sellers by helping to promote well maintained properties to potential buyers.

Find more information in our leaflet: Home Reports - Advice for Buyers and Sellers (PDF, 1.19mb).

Looking after common areas

Residents of buildings with shared access, share responsibility for the maintenance of communal closes and stairways. Some buildings may have a factoring service which may maintain and clean communal areas. More information can be found in our leaflet: How to look after common areas (PDF, 2.3mb).

Accessible homes

Home2Fit is a resource for disabled people looking for adapted or accessible housing for sale or to rent.

Dealing with condensation

Every home experiences condensation, which can lead to mould growth. For advice see our leaflet: Dealing with condensation (PDF, 1.9mb).

The Tenement Management Scheme

Tenements are buildings comprising 2 or more flats. If you own a flat within a tenement, your responsibilities for the maintenance and upkeep of common areas are usually detailed in your title deeds. If they don't then the Tenement Management Scheme may help. Information can be found in our leaflet: Common Repairs - The tenement management scheme (PDF, 2.8mb).

Missing Shares Assistance

This policy will allow us, under certain conditions, to pay a missing share for common repairs in a tenement if one of the owners is unwilling to pay their share.

More information can be found in our leaflet: Missing Shares (PDF, 234kb).

Tolerable Standard

To be acceptable as living accommodation a house must meet certain standards of repair, known as the Tolerable Standard. This standard applies to both homeowners and landlords. 

Empty homes

Our Empty Homes Loan Fund provides interest free loans to bring empty properties back into the affordable rented sector. 

More information

Information on private renting, including rights and responsibilities, can be found on the Shelter Scotland Housing Advice website.

More information on how the Private Sector Housing Team can help is in our leaflet: Private Sector Advice - Support for all Housing Matters (PDF, 1.3mb).

Under One Roof provides impartial advice on repairs and maintenance for flat owners in Scotland.

LIFT - Open Market Shared Equity Scheme

The LIFT scheme helps people on low to moderate incomes afford to buy a home without having to fund it all themselves. It plays a significant part in the Scottish Government's aim to increase affordable housing across Scotland and a vital first step for people aiming to buy their first home. For information visit Link Housing.