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Tenant participation

Tenant participation aims to improve the standard of housing conditions and service. 

Tenant Participation with North Ayrshire Council Housing Services

Customer Connections Strategy

Customer Connections Strategy (PDF, 1.74mb)

This strategy takes into account the requirements from the Scottish Social Housing Charter.It includes views of service users who are not tenants.

Content, aims and objectives were agreed in consultation with:

  • the North Ayrshire Network (NAN)
  • tenants
  • staff
  • other customers 

An action plan helps us take forward the  strategy. This is reviewed annually.

Get involved

Would you like to be added to our Interested Tenants Register?

We'll keep you informed and consulted on changes to:

  • housing policies
  • conditions
  • housing related services

Add your details to the Interested Tenants' Register

Being part of a tenants' group gives you a greater voice. Our  Connections leaflet (PDF, 405kb) tells you more.

There are a lot of different ways (PDF, 101kb) you can get involved.

These options will allow us to work with and listen to our tenants.

This helps us to:

  • improve services
  • watch and review our progress


We seek to:

  • ensure two way communication with our tenants and customers
  • provide chances for customers to take part in ways that meet their needs

We will:

  • introduce a tenants vlog for service improvement groups
  • add Twitter/Instagram (this will be in addition to Facebook)
  • introduce text messaging
  • show tenants how to use the online rent account process
  • host live chats and more interactive communication
  • host interactive voting via social media


We aim to develop the skills and confidence of our tenants. In order to shape the services we provide.

We will:

  • reintroduce "You Said, We Did" to tenancy matters and social media
  • offer training and support to new people taking part
  • introduce a peer support (buddy) programme
  • undertake a recruitment programme for new participants


We continually improve our services to meet our customers' needs.

We will:

  • deliver TP training to all housing services staff
  • provide all areas of housing offices with a TP Link Officer
  • ensure the attendance of a TP Officer to all estate inspections
  • introduce a good neighbour programme
  • compose a calendar of all housing events and forward it to all staff
  • introduce private sector and value for money services improvement groups
  • request tenant participation advisory service (TPAS) reaccreditation
  • request tenant information service (TIS) reaccreditation

Our Customer Connections Strategy 2017-2022 (PDF, 1.74mb) gives detailed information on each method of involvement.

If you would like more information on methods to get involved, please contact the Tenant Participation Team for a copy of this strategy.

Inclusion, equalities and overcoming barriers to involvement

We commit to treating people:

  • respectfully
  • fairly
  • equally across all areas of our business 

We're committed to tackling discrimination and harassment. We ensure that our services are accessible to all the protected characteristics within the Equality Act 2010.

North Ayrshire Council’s Equalities Policy (PDF, 247kb) outlines how we'll put in place equality matters. This policy is available on request at area housing offices.

An equality impact assessment has been completed for this Strategy. This impact statement was developed and approved by the North Ayrshire Network.

Involving all customers

We developed a targeted approach to gain views of hard to reach groups as follows:

  • young people - our Youth Connections initiative works with other councils to engage with young people. Our Tenancy Matters magazine also features an a section called Youth Talk
  • LGBT Youth Charter - We are working towards achieving the LGBT charter
  • Travelling People - We work with partners and residents to provide a quality service to gypsies and travellers
Tenants in Temporary Homeless Accommodation

Housing services seek the views of homeless Service Users. The hostel manager hosts Chips and Chat nights to gauge views. The service has developed a homeless service User consultation framework.

Overcoming Barriers to Involvement

To help overcome barriers to participation:

  • family responsibilities - we'll provide a free crèche during meetings, or make available child minding allowances 
  • transport - where requested, we'll provide transport for customers to attend Housing events
  • location - meetings will take place in community venues
  • times - meeting times will take account of the preferences of local communities
  • agenda programme - we'll provide training and specialist assistance as required
  • accessibility of information - we'll make sure that information is accessible, providing documents in other languages and formats, if required. Interpreting facilities and hearing loops are available in all local area offices
  • finance and level of resources - we'll make sure funds are provided to develop the agreed issues and enhance resources. A Freepost address is available for written communication
  • attitude - we'll provide training to give staff, tenants and other service users an awareness of equality issues

Wider Involvement

National Engagement – Region 3 – West Strathclyde

Regional Networks build partnerships between the Scottish Government and Registered Tenant Organisations. North Ayrshire Council is part of region 3- West Strathclyde.

Contact Tenant Participation




01294 324869/324871