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Housing consultations and events

Tenant and customer feedback helps us to shape future policy and strategy. 

When we are consulting with tenants, we will:

  • give adequate time to allow for meaningful consultation and discussion
  • provide information at the earliest stage to allow full understanding of any proposals
  • give notice of how and when decisions will be taken.

Local Housing Strategy Forum

The forum discusses local housing challenges and contributes to the development of the Local Housing Strategy.

Topics can cover:

  • regeneration
  • homelessness
  • special needs housing
  • pressured area status
  • affordable and rural housing need.

To attend, please contact the Development and Strategy Team.

Landlord events

The Private Sector Advice Teams holds 2 landlord events per year, to meet and discuss challenges within the private rented sector.

To attend, please email the Private Sector Advice Team, or call 01294 324644.

Older People's Housing Event

For residents and stakeholders to discuss housing issues affecting older people in North Ayrshire. Older people event newsletter (PDF, 1.6mb)

For information, contact the Older People's Team on 01294 324031.

Tenant Conferences

Organised in partnership with the Tenant Event Working Group, this annual conference is open to tenants and residents. Presentations are made by council staff and guest speakers. Feedback is gathered through themed workshops. Conference report (PDF, 2.15mb).

Tenant Satisfaction Survey

North Ayrshire Council has commissioned Lowland Market Research to carry out the 3 yearly Tenant Satisfaction Survey. We published the results in our Tenancy Matters magazine (PDF, 1.48mb).


To comment on current North Ayrshire Council consultations, visit the Community Planning Partnership website

North Ayrshire Housing Register (NAHR) Survey

A telephone survey is carried out with 10% of applicants on the North Ayrshire Housing Register. This includes;

  • customer care
  • quality of information provided
  • applicant understanding of prospects for housing and equal opportunities. 

Other satisfaction surveys

We ask for tenants' views through comments slips, in the Customer Connections Strategy (PDF, 1.74mb) and the council's Customer Involvement leaflet (PDF, 431kb).

Irvine High Flats Forum

This group aims to contribute, guide and monitor the Concierge Service and standards. Meetings are held every 2 months with tenants and staff representatives.

Complaints and feedback

Leave a comment, give a compliment or make a complaint about any part of the Housing Service.

Reporting a significant performance failure

The Scottish Housing Regulator (SHR) can consider issues raised about 'significant performance failures', defined by the SHR as something a landlord does, or fails to do, that puts the interests of its tenants at risk, and which the landlord has not resolved. This is something that is a systematic problem that does, or could, affect all of a landlord's tenants. If a problem like this affects you, report it to us. If you have told us and we haven't resolved it, report it to the SHR, telephone 0141 2425642, email shr@scottishhousingregulator.gsi.gov.uk.