Solar panels

North Ayrshire Council is seeking council housing tenants who are interested in participating in a pilot programme to install rooftop solar pv (photovoltaic) panels to houses and bungalows.

The project aims to provide council tenants with an opportunity make savings on their annual electricity bills by using electricity generated by the solar panels.

How much does it cost?

North Ayrshire Council will cover installation and maintenance costs. Participating tenants will pay around £2.65 per week for use of the solar pv system. The charge will be set at a level that still allows for an overall saving. 

Are you interested?

Email or call 01294 324095.

What happens next?

To proceed, we need a minimum number of interested tenants. If we get sufficient interest, we'll seek to appoint an installer. You'll be contacted to arrange a property specific survey to check suitability. We need to consider things like:

  • available capacity within the local electricity grid
  • property orientation
  • roof size, slope, area and suitability for panel mounting
  • routes for cabling and metering inside the property.

As part of the survey we'll ask about your current electricity price and occupancy, to ensure that a saving would be available to you.

More information

What type of panels will be used?

Solar PV modules (or panels) consist of solar cells that convert energy from the sun into electricity. Modules can be connected to form an array capable of generating electricity for use in the home. The solar panel array will be mounted on the roof of the property. Additional components include an inverter, generation meter and cabling, these are located inside the property.

What are the benefits?

The immediate benefit is a reduction in the amount of electricity required from the electricity distribution grid. Less electricity is purchased from your electricity supplier. Solar panels are a quiet, low maintenance means of generating electricity from a renewable source.

In the longer term, a solar pv system supplementing a standard electricity supply provides partial protection from future increases in the price of electricity.

Solar panels are expected to provide a useful output for, at least, 20 years.

When do they operate?

The amount of electricity generated by the panels will vary according to the time of day, year and the weather. Direct sunlight will typically provide the best conditions for generating electricity, however the panels are capable of generating electricity in natural daylight.

Solar pv systems don't produce electricity at night, so this is a supplement to your existing electricity supply and not a replacement.

How do I use the electricity?

Electricity from the solar pv system will not be stored. Savings are maximised when the electricity is used as it is being generated.

What happens to the electricity I don't use?

Any electricity that is generated by the solar panels but is not consumed in the property will be automatically directed to the national grid.

How much could I save?

North Ayrshire Council can't guarantee a minimum saving. The savings rely on correct use of the system. We expect the saving in the first year to be about £37. Savings are expected to increase in future years as the cost of electricity increases. Greater consumption of power from the solar pv system can also increase the savings available.

What happens at installation?

Installing the panels requires access to the roof of your property. Access will be needed to install the inverter, generation meter, cabling and other small components inside the property. We expect the work to be complete in less than 1 day. There should be no need to vacate the property.

Access may be required in future for maintenance, confirming meter readings and correcting any faults.

Will I need to change my electricity supplier?

Solar panels are a supplement to your existing supply. There is no need to change your supplier.

How do I pay?

You will be asked to sign an updated tenancy agreement. This commits you to paying an ongoing contribution for the use of the solar panels. This will be collected with housing rent.

Your personal information

North Ayrshire Council will store, process and use the details you provide for the purposes of delivering this project. Your details will only be used by NAC Place directorate staff and by selected contract partners who will help us to deliver the project.

Should you proceed with the installation of a solar pv system your information will be held and used for the duration of your participation in the scheme.

Only provide personal information if you agree to it being used for the purposes listed above, including North Ayrshire Council contacting you in relation to the scheme. Do not include personal information about another person (including family members) unless the individual concerned has consented and you can provide evidence of this consent.

Please tell us as soon as possible if any of the personal information you have provided should change. If you wish to have your details removed at any time please contact us using the details above.