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Home contents insurance

We strongly advise all customers to take out household contents insurance. The Council does not automatically insure your house contents against fire, theft and flood, therefore, to safeguard your contents, we run an insurance scheme that provides council tenants with cover against fire, theft and flood, at the lowest possible cost.

What is covered by the insurance scheme?

The policy is new for old and covers most household goods as well as the contents of huts and outbuildings against fire, theft and flood with no excess to be paid on any claims (please refer to the policy booklet for full details).

How to apply

The Home contents insurance application form (PDF, 265kb) can be picked up from any Housing Office, or by contacting our Business Planning - Budgets Team.

Complete the tear off section of the application form, making sure that you answer all the questions and send to:

North Ayrshire Council
Business Planning - Budgets Team
3rd Floor 
Cunninghame House
Irvine, KA12 8EE

How to pay

When your signed proposal form is accepted by us, you will be offered the option to pay by Direct Debit and issued with:

  • a policy schedule and policy booklet, which together forms the Insurance Policy (cover will be provided from the date on your schedule)
  • a payment card for use at Area Housing Offices, Post Offices and Paypoint/Payzone outlets

Payments must be paid promptly for continued cover.

If a claim is made against the policy and premiums are not up to date, the claim will not be honoured. The policy is a legally binding contract. You should read it carefully and ask the Business Planning - Budgets Team about anything you don't understand .

How to cancel your insurance policy

Cancellation will only be accepted in writing (to the above address).