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How does it work?

HOME offers a choice of two housing models:

  • The £5K HOME – An opportunity for first time buyers to access modern and energy efficient housing
  • The £40K HOME – An opportunity for older homeowners to secure modern, energy efficient and level access housing

HOME allows you to own part of a property with the Council owning the rest. For a one-off, upfront payment of either £5,000 or £40,000 depending on what model you quality for, and a monthly occupancy fee thereafter, you could have a brand new, modern and energy efficient home, from a trusted seller.

By paying a monthly occupancy fee, there is no need to rely on tradesman as you will have access to a dedicated repairs helpline and you can arrange for repairs to be carried out in the knowledge that the cost of that repair is already covered.

You won’t need to worry about ongoing maintenance or renewing items such as boilers, roof, windows and external doors. All this is also covered by your monthly fee.

Before moving into your home, you will sign an occupancy agreement. This agreement sets out the conditions of your residency and provides you with the security of knowing that by adhering to the terms of the agreement, you can live in the home for as long as you want to.

Who is eligible?

The HOME product is available to those who live in the North Coast area at present, or who need to move to the area to give or receive care and support, including childcare.

Other qualifying criteria depends on which model you choose:

First time Buyers – the £5k Model

 Type of HomeMaximum Income 
 3 Bed House £45,000 for single applicants
£65,000 for joint applicants
2 Bed House £45,000 for single applicants
£65,000 for joint applicants

Older Person Housing – the £40k Model

  • The youngest applicant must be at least 60 years old.
  • The total housing equity and savings of the applicant(s) must be no more than £175,000.

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