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Completed housing developments

North Ayrshire Council is committed to ensuring continuous improvement within local areas. This can range from new homes, through housing association and council house building, to the regeneration of existing sites. 

The following developments were completed between March 2011 and March 2020. 

Three Towns (including Arran) Developments

Kyleshill Court (Canal Court), Saltcoats


Number of homes: 36
Size: 1 and 2 bedroom
Cost: £7m

Completed: March 2019

The former Canal Court and David White Centre were demolished to make way for a new sheltered housing complex and community hub which includes a communal lounge, secure landscaped courtyard, visiting services room and scooter store.

The new development is named ‘Kyleshill Court’ and the ‘David White Community Hub’.

The site achieved the Scottish Governments ‘Greener Standard’ and includes sustainable features such as;

  • solar panels
  • energy efficient boilers
  • low energy lighting
  • internal recycling bins
  • high levels of insulation

Glencairn House, Bill Smith Court, Stevenston


Number of homes: 28
Size: 1 and 2 bedroom
Cost: £5.3m

Completed: April 2018

Glencairn House was built to replace two sheltered housing complexes at Afton and Caley Court.

The new complex provides new accessible and sustainable sheltered homes with a:

  • communal lounge
  • landscaped courtyard
  • visiting services room
  • scooter store

The heating system is shared with Glencairn Primary School and powered by renewable, sustainably sourced biomass. This lowers carbon emissions and provides lower energy bills for tenants.

Solar panels generate electricity for the communal lighting of the building.

Harley Place, Saltcoats


Number of homes: 5
Size: 2, 3 and 5 bedroom
Cost: £630k

Completed: December 2013

Consisting of both general needs properties and homes suitable for wheelchair users.

Sustainable features include a solar heated hot water system, a 'constant ventilation' heat recovery system, high levels of insulation and external water butts.

Irvine / Kilwinning Developments

Dickson Drive, Irvine (Phase 2)

Dickson Drive Phase 2

Number of homes: 24
Size: 2 and 3 bedroom
Cost: £3.7m

Completed: March 2020

The project provides a second phase to the regeneration project which was completed in 2015. The site provides general needs homes, wheelchair properties and amenity bungalows.

In addition to the general sustainability features within all homes, the site includes two unique ‘Sustainable Demonstrator Homes’ which showcase the latest design, technology and set a benchmark for building sustainable properties at both a local and national level – meeting the highest sustainability ratings.

Trindlemoss Court, Irvine

Trindlemoss Court

Number of homes: 20
Size: 1 bedroom

Completed: January 2020

This refurbishment of 20 supported accommodation homes is part of a wider project in partnership with the North Ayrshire Health and Social Care Partnership.

The site provides tenants with additional needs with the care and support that they require.

Robert W Service Court, Kilwinning


Number of homes: 23
Size: 1 and 2 bedroom
Cost: £2.8m

Complete: September 2017

The homes were refurbished to improve accessibility and the complex includes:

  • a new visiting services room
  • a new scooter store
  • improved external landscaping and design

Cheviot Gardens, Irvine


Number of homes: 34 (35 units)
Size: 1, 2, 3 and 5 bedroom
Cost: £4.6m

Completed: August 2017

The land at the former Fencedyke Primary School has been used to deliver new affordable homes incorporating homes for people with specific needs including wheelchair liveable properties and amenity bungalows.

The homes have been designed based on a historic street formation – traditional in the Irvine area.

Dickson Drive, Irvine


Number of homes: 8
Size: 2 and 3 bedroom
Cost: £2.5m

Completed: September 2015

This regeneration project demolished existing flats to provide high quality, affordable homes, including 2 amenity bungalows.

Works included landscaping and the construction of a new road, Dickson Way, creating more connections in the area and improving its appeal and security.

John Galt, Irvine


Number of homes: 80
Size: 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom
Cost: £8.2million

Completed: March 2015

The former John Galt Primary School site was redeveloped to provide 80 new homes including general needs, amenity standard and properties suitable for wheelchair users.

Redstone Wynd & Fir Tree Place, Kilwinning


Number of homes: 46
Size: 2, 3 and 4 bedroom
Cost: £5.5million

Completed: June 2014

This development includes 9 homes designed for tenants with particular needs. Providing a housing environment that encourages independent living and reduces energy bills.

The project has received an Eco Homes ‘Very Good’ Rating for sustainability. Design features include gas condensing boilers, high levels of insulation, bathroom appliances to reduce water consumption and water butts to recycle rainwater for garden use.

North Ayrshire Council worked with the Scottish Wildlife Trust to establish links to Coursehill Muir Wood. A wild flower area edges the development. Bat and swift boxes, on the gable walls of homes encourage nesting of these protected species.

St. Michael’s Wynd, Kilwinning


Number of homes: 40
Size: 2, 3 and 4 bedroom
Cost: £3.84million

Completed: February 2012

Developed on the site of the former St. Michael’s Academy, this development provides general needs, amenity standard and homes suitable for wheelchair users.

Tay Place, Castlepark, Irvine


Number of homes: 23
Size: 2, 3 and 4 bedroom
Cost: £2.39m

Completed: March 2011

North Ayrshire Council's first new build council housing project. Consisting of general needs houses and amenity standard bungalows, designed for older people. 

Garnock Valley Developments

Kilbirnie Housing Office

Kilbirnie Housing Office

Number of homes: 3
Size: 1 and 2 bedroom

Completed: March 2020

The former Kilbirnie Housing Office has been redeveloped into three town centre amenity properties.

Connell Court, Kilbirnie

Number of homes: 17
Size: 1 and 2 bedroom sheltered housing

Completed: March 2020

The refurbishment of this sheltered housing complex has upgraded the existing homes, communal areas and external fabric of the building. As part of the works there is now a new scooter store and visiting services room within the complex.

Dickson Court, Beith

DIckson Court Completed 

Number of homes: 22
Size: 1 and 2 bedrooms
Cost: £2.2m

Status: Completed

The refurbishment of Dickson Court sheltered housing complex is now complete.

The project included:

  • A new energy efficient communal heating system
  • A new roof and insulated render system to increase energy efficiency
  • New windows and doors throughout
  • Creation of a visiting services room
  • Creation of a scooter store
  • Upgrade of communal areas

Work to tenants’ homes included:

  • New central heating
  • Electrical rewire
  • Wet floor shower rooms
  • Redesigned kitchens

Montgomery Court, Kilbirnie


Number of homes: 24
Size: 1 and 2 bedrooms
Cost: £4.8m

Complete: January 2017

The former Montgomery Court was demolished to make way for a new £4.8 million development.

The project includes 16 one-bedroom homes within a new Sheltered Housing Complex and 8 two-bedroom amenity bungalows.

The site was designed by the Council’s Property Management and Investment team in partnership with Housing Services and the Health and Social Care Partnership. The project has a dementia friendly design with assistance from Stirling University’s Dementia Services.

To support independent living, the complex is modern and accessible with communal areas, integral scooter stores, a visiting services room, guest bedroom and landscaped courtyards.

The Health and Social Care Partnership has developed a 'hub' on the site, to enable the delivery of a range of services for both tenants and the local community. 

North Coast (including Cumbrae) Developments

Montgomerie View, Seamill

Montgomerie View

Number of homes: 31
Size: 1 and 2 bedroom

Completed: November 2019

This development has a mix of general needs houses, general needs flats, amenity flats, and a wheelchair accessible flat, developed in partnership with Hope Homes and The Wee House Company Ltd. through our Affordable Housing Policy.

The units were constructed in an off-site factory and then transported to the site in three parts for assembly, this is a first for North Ayrshire Council and reduced construction time, improved construction quality, and reduced waste.

Stevenson Court, Largs

Stevenson Court 

Number of homes: 11
Size: 2 bedroom
Cost: £1.3million

Completed: June 2015

A joint project between Housing Services and the Health and Social Care Partnership created 11 amenity standard flats and an older people's Resource Centre, on the site of the former Stevenson Institute. The original stone bell tower from the Stevenson Institute was restored and incorporated into the entrance of the flats.

The flats include level access showers and tenants benefit from individual, ground floor, secure stores that can be used for charging and storing mobility scooters.

The Resource Centre, incorporating a Day Care Centre, has been designed in a dementia friendly manner. 

St. Beya Gardens, Millport


Number of homes: 12
Size: 2 bedroom
Cost: £2.3million

Completed: September 2013

Consisting of 2 bedroom bungalows, the project delivered the first council houses on the island in more than 30 years.

Air Source Heat Pumps provide heating and hot water. This helped the development achieve the Scottish Building Standards Silver Active award for sustainability.

All homes have under floor heating, triple glazing, passive stack technology, portable energy monitors and high levels of insulation.

Development Partners

In addition to the new council house building programme, some of our housing association development partners are building new affordable homes within North Ayrshire. More information on these projects can be found on the websites of each housing association.