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Building your own home

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We recognise that many people would like to build their own home, and we are therefore, piloting a self-build project in Largs. We are also finalising a 'design-guide' document to help first-time builders navigate the planning process.

Six fully serviced plots will be available for individuals to purchase, subject to certain criteria (details to follow). Plots will be released in two phases (Dunlop & Eglinton first, followed by the remaining four).

How affordable is it?

Whilst building your own house allows you to create a home that is perfect for you and your family’s needs, it is important to be realistic about how much it will cost. 

As of March 2022, it is estimated that you should allow between £1000 and £1500 per square metre to build a home. It is envisaged that people interested in self-building will wish to construct a detached home of around 150m2 (a good sized four bedroom house), which has a generous secured garden area.

  • Cost of building a 150m2 detached house: between £150,000 and £225,000 
  • Cost of the serviced self-build plot in Largs: between £95,000 and £115,000 
  • Sub Total - Cost of Land and Construction: £245,000 to £340,000

However, there are more costs which you must consider. The following list is not intended to be exhaustive:

  • Economy
    The cost of living is increasing, and it is reasonable to expect the costs of construction and building materials will increase in turn 
  • Professional fees (e.g. lawyer, architect, project manager)
    Self-builders are strongly advised to seek their own legal, financial and any other specialist services at the outset. These are vital expenses but the cost has to be budgeted for
  • Statutory permissions (e.g. building warrant, planning permission)
    You can't build a home without these permissions being in place
  • Living costs
    You need somewhere to live whilst you are building your new home, especially if you have sold your current home to release equity in order to fund the build
  • Size of home required
    More square meterage will mean additional construction costs. Many self-builders wish to enjoy spacious rooms as well as other room types (study, games room, play room, formal sitting room, sun room, etc.) and depending on the size of house, costs could be much higher than the example above
  • Doing any work yourself
    If you are an experienced tradesperson, you could do some of the work yourself and save money. However, you would need to offset this against the losses you would incur if you had to take time away from your day job
  • Slippage
    This occurs when the project timeline ‘slips’ and it will cost you money. There are a number of reasons why slippage happens, including a late change to the building design (this is very costly and should be avoided if at all possible) or something out of your control (e.g. weather, COVID, building materials failing to arrive). It is good practice to budget for an element of slippage
  • Storage
    You may have to put your furniture into storage until your new home is finished, and you must budget for the cost of this
  • Furnishing
    If your newly built house has more rooms than your previous home, you may need to factor furnishing the extra space into your budget. At the very least you are going to have the cost of window coverings, floor coverings and light shades/fittings
  • Decorating
    Normal room painting is factored into the construction cost, but anything more elaborate could have an on-cost, and you should be aware of this when agreeing the scope of works with your contractor
  • Landscaping 
    Such as turfing, laying a driveway, paths to your door, allowing bins to be taken out (don't forget you have to buy wheelie bins too) and a washing line. This generally happens at the end of the project, but it is important to make sure this is budgeted for, not only because of the impact this has on the visual appeal of your new home, but also for ease of access, and to reduce the ongoing maintenance in outdoor spaces

Further information

To register your interest and ensure you receive updates on this project (and any others that may arise in the fullness of time), please complete our BUILD form. Alternatively, if you wish to change your details, be removed from the register, or just want to ask a question, you should email build@north-ayrshire.gov.uk.

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