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Working with providers

We acknowledge the valuable contribution that our partners in the independent and voluntary sectors make to health and social care provision in North Ayrshire.

Our role

Our approach is outlined in the Social Services and Health Care and Contract Management Framework (Word, 543kb).

We work with partner agencies and regulatory bodies to ensure that service users have access to the highest possible quality social care. See an example of our contract monitoring form (Excel, 331kb). We have a duty to support local and voluntary care providers to develop in line with demand.

Your role

Independent and voluntary sector providers play an increasingly important role in the provision of health and social care services in North Ayrshire. Self-Directed support means the health and social care market will diversify as service users and carers are given more choice and control.

Care Service Partnership Forums

Three partnership forums ensure that providers from the private, public and third sectors work together to develop and deliver social care services. They cover: 

  • Adults and older people
  • Care at Home
  • Care Home

Discussions are underway to establish a Children and Families Partnership Forum. We may develop an Addiction Services Partnership Forum.

Developing the care & support market in North Ayrshire

Market Development

The Health and Social Care Partnership continues to respond to the changes as legislation evolves around the self-directed support (SDS) and personalisation agenda.

The development and promotion of the North Ayrshire Council Care Services Knowledge Hub and the Community Portal will improve information and communication.

Developments include collecting and analysing information about the current and future care market in North Ayrshire and identifying positive areas for development. 

Community portal

A key priority for the implementation of personalisation is to establish an independent Community Portal that will be central in providing information and intelligence to service users and providers.

Social enterprises

The aim is to develop a mixed economy of care provision with a dynamic private sector, increasing involvement for social enterprises and a more integrated public sector. Social enterprises can fill gaps of service provision. See examples of business and social enterprise models and mechanisms (PDF, 16kb).  

Further information

Download a list of our Care Partnership Forums (Excel, 260kb)