Debt Advice

Debt advisers provide expert advice, help where appropriate representation on any debt issue.

An adviser can help you decide:

  • if you are able to make any payments to creditors
  • how much you can pay
  • which creditor to pay first. 

They will take account of:

  • regular income and expenditure
  • level of indebtedness
  • health and personal circumstances. 

This could involve:

  • negotiating payments to your creditors
  • freezing interest on outstanding loans
  • applying for bankruptcy.

Debt Advice staff assist with emergencies such as:

  • gas or electricity debts
  • wage or bank account arrestment
  • court action being taken against you

Debt advice staff can also provide advice, help representation with: 

  • considering liability for debt
  • advice and, where appropriate, representation about court proceedings
  • negotiating repayments with creditors
  • advising on Bankruptcy and Trust Deed applications

Debt Arrangement Scheme 

Our Debt Advice staff are accredited to support people who wish to apply for the Debt Arrangement Scheme. 

Arrange an appointment

Debt Advice staff will usually arrange a telephone interview. They may refer you to a partner agency, or offer you an appointment. Home visits may be available if you are unable to visit a local office.

Contact us for free, impartial and confidential advice or to make a referral.

We encourage you to take the money advice health check, provided by the Money Advice Service.

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