What we do  

We deal with:

  • providing reports to courts
  • monitoring reports submitted to the court
  • post sentence interviews
  • linking court and Health and Social Care Partnership staff
  • Sheriffs

The role of Justice Services

We help service users take up positive and productive roles in their communities. 

We work in partnership with agencies, organisations and stakeholders in relation to our work with service users and in relation to Youth Justice, Adult Support and Protection (ASP) and Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA). We work in partnership with the judicial system, providing background information to inform sentencing and implement a series of non-custodial options designed to reduce re-offending and address its underlying causes. We work with individuals on bail awaiting trial. SACRO run our bail supervision service.

Our goals are to ease the transition from prison to the community, prevent re-offending and enable offenders to give something back to their communities.

MAPPA annual report

MAPPA annual report (PDF, 1.85mb) for South West Scotland.

Access Justice Services

Most people enter our service as a result of a referral from one of the following:

  •  Courts
  •  Prisons
  •  Procurator Fiscal Service

We have teams responsible for:

  • Community Payback Order Supervision Requirement
  • Community Payback Order Unpaid Work Requirement
  • Justice Social Work Reports to Courts
  • Diversion from Prosecution and Structured Deferred Sentence
  • Throughcare work for offenders leaving custody
  • Drug Treatment and Testing Orders.

Contact Justice Services


  • Community Payback (Unpaid Work) : 01294 608900
  • Drug Treatment and Testing Orders (DTTO) : 01294 322640
  • Partnership Delivery Team: 01294 322640
  • Fieldwork Team (Supervision Throughcare) : 01563 570836


  • Community Payback Office, Unit 4 Block 2, Moorpark Industrial Estate, Stevenston, KA20 3JT
  • Drug Treatment and Testing Orders, South West Scotland Justice Partnership, Unit 83 Third Avenue, Irvine, KA12 8HN
  • Partnership Delivery Team, South West Scotland Justice Partnership, Unit 83 Third Avenue, Irvine, KA12 8HN
  • Fieldwork Team, 157 New Street, Stevenston, KA20 3HL