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Supporting change, preventing reoffending  

We involve justice service users in the following programmes:

Diversion from prosecution

A preventative measure for people charged with minor offences. Intervention may consist of:

This scheme is suited for:

Programme delivery

The South West Scotland service enables Justice Social Services to provide the court and parole board for Scotland with a structured plan of work for people who have offended, as part of their Community Payback Order or Throughcare License. The team helps service users to:

  • change attitudes and beliefs
  • understand the impact of their behaviour
  • develop problem solving skills
  • deal with situations differently
  • develop strategies to prevent a return to offending

Attendance on the programme is a mandatory part of licence conditions. If the individual is employed, efforts will be made to allow attendance outside of working hours.

The Caledonian System

We provide help to families affected by domestic abuse through the Caledonian System. Participation can run as part of a Community Payback Order. 

Throughcare Services

By providing the support of a social worker during a sentence, the prisoner is encouraged to review the reasons and circumstances of their offending and helps them to prepare for release.

Anyone released from prison can receive voluntary aftercare for up to 12 months.

Individuals serving longer sentences will be released with a requirement that they are supervised on statutory licences for a specified period such as:

  • non-parole
  • parole
  • life licence
  • extended supervision

Contact Justice Services


  • Community Payback (Unpaid Work) : 01294 608900
  • Drug Treatment and Testing Orders (DTTO) : 01294 322640
  • Partnership Delivery Team: 01294 322640
  • Fieldwork Team (Supervision Throughcare) : 01563 570836


  • Community Payback Office, Unit 4 Block 2, Moorpark Industrial Estate, Stevenston, KA20 3JT
  • Drug Treatment and Testing Orders, South West Scotland Justice Partnership, Unit 83 Third Avenue, Irvine, KA12 8HN
  • Partnership Delivery Team, South West Scotland Justice Partnership, Unit 83 Third Avenue, Irvine, KA12 8HN
  • Fieldwork Team, 157 New Street, Stevenston, KA20 3HL