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Support services for carers

The North Ayrshire Carers Strategy (PDF, 12.3mb) informs all other North Ayrshire strategies to ensure that carers' rights and needs are heard, considered and addressed.   

Young carers

We offer advice, guidance and support to:

  • understand about the health condition(s) of the people you care for
  • access information on carers benefits
  • stay in school and make the most of your education
  • identify suitable education and training opportunities 

Services for carers aged between 8 to 18 years are also available including:

  • time out
  • anger management
  • group activities

Adult carers

Working with our partners we can provide advice on:

Advice and support for carers

We can refer you to our partner North Ayrshire Carer's Centre for advice and support services which include:

  • advocacy
  • training
  • counselling
  • stress management
  • support groups
  • learning disabilities liaison worker
  • health checks
  • one to one support

Older carers

We'll assess whether it is safe for you to continue providing care that is physically and emotionally demanding. 

Help with transport

As a carer you may be eligible for help with transport as part of your caring role. If the person you care for has a bus pass as a result of disability, you may travel for free alongside them as a companion.

Money Matters

Carers Allowance is payable to people aged 16 or over. It is paid as a stand alone amount on top of means tested benefits such as:

  •  Income Support
  •  Jobseekers Allowance
  •  Pension Credit

You can receive Carer's Allowance while working (but not if you are in full time education) and your income is no more than £110 per week.

Carers Advisory Group

A group of carers who meet regularly to discuss issues relating to unpaid carers in North Ayrshire.

To take part or get more information please email.

More information

North Ayrshire Carers Centre
Unity Enterprise
174 High Street
Irvine, KA12 8AN
Tel: 01294 311 333
Email: northayrshire.carers@unity-enterprise.com