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Respite and short breaks services

Caring from someone with long-term illness, mental health issues, disability, or old age, can be demanding. The Health and Social Care Partnership may be able to help by providing a period of respite, or short break. 

Who provides respite?

Breaks for carers are important. Respite care can be provided by the Health and Social Care Partnership, or external organisations.

What are respite care services?

Respite care can take the form of:

  • a temporary place in residential accommodation
  • provision of an alternative qualified carer
  • a supported short break with a care provider

We have specialist residential respite facilities for:

  • adults with learning disabilities at Taigh Mor  
  • older people affected by dementia at Anam Cara

We also provide respite for children. This is short-term care provided by someone other than the parents or usual carer. It is organised to suit the needs of the particular child and family. It can take place in a hospital, residential setting or in the child's own home. 

Short breaks for children affected by disability

Our IMPACCT (Involving More Parents and Carers and Children Together) service provides specialist short-breaks to children affected by:

  • disability
  • life-limiting conditions
  • complex healthcare needs

Care is provided by families in their own homes on a shared care basis. Shared care enables a child to live with their family whilst experiencing a regular short break with a committed carer. This could involve planned breaks of various durations.

How can I access respite care?

Respite care is usually accessed through the cared for person's assessment. However it can also be provided through a carer's assessment. Contact your local Health and Social Care Partnership office to request an assessment.

We are looking at other ways of providing respite such as Self-Directed Support. This will give you a range of options, including direct payment to buy respite services of your choice.

How often will I be able to access respite care?

This will depend on the intensity of your caring role, the needs of the person you care for, and the availability of respite care places.

Is there a charge?

Respite for children up to the age of 16 is free of charge. Respite for adults and older people is subject to a flat rate charge paid by the person receiving respite according to their age. A sliding scale of charges applies to the following age groups from April 2014 until March 2015:

  • aged 16-17 (Disabled Children) £64.65  per week
  • aged 18-24 £64.65 per week
  • aged 25-59 £79.70 per week
  • aged 60+ £123.80 per week   

Your care manager will be able to tell you more about these charges.