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Request a carer's assessment

If you are undertaking regular and substantial care you are entitled to a carer’s assessment.

We may be able to offer advice and services to support you as a carer.

If you are present at the assessment of the person you care for, you will be included in a joint assessment. You can choose to have your assessment carried out separately.

What will it take into account?

The carer's assessment will look at how your caring role affects your everyday life. It will consider:

  • your relationship to the person you care for
  • how much care you provide, when you provide it and for how often
  • the type of care you provide
  • what would happen if you were no longer able to provide care
  • the impact upon your health and wellbeing
  • ways in which you can be supported to continue caring
  • carer’s benefits
  • your own views on your role as a carer

How do I apply?

Contact your local Health and Social Care Partnership office to request a carer’s assessment.

Who will complete the assessment?

A range of professional staff may carry out an assessment including:

  • social worker or social work assistant
  • occupational therapist or occupational therapy assistant
  • district or community nurse

What will happen next?

Dependent on the result of your carer’s assessment, the following action may be taken.

  • refer you to carer's organisations for advice and guidance

We may also provide services to support you to maintain your caring role such as:

More information

Do you look after someone? – A carers guide to carer’s assessment (PDF, 892kb).