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Residential respite for adults with learning disabilities  

We provide residential respite for adults with learning disabilities across North Ayrshire.

Who is eligible?

Any adult resident in North Ayrshire affected by learning disability who meets our eligibility criteria.

Accessing the service?

Access is through an assessment. This will help us find out if respite would be suitable for you and your carers. Contact your local Health and Social Care Partnership office to request an assessment.

Where is the service based?

Taigh Mor, in Beith, is a purpose built centre providing round the clock care.

Hansel Alliance runs Taigh Mor on behalf of the North Ayrshire Health and Social Care Partnership.

We also commission residential respite from other providers depending on an assessment of needs.

How long will stays be?

The duration of your stay will be dependent upon needs shown in assessment. Respite care varies from a traditional holiday break to shorter stays, meeting friends and taking part in social activities.

Will I be charged for respite?  

Respite for adults and older people is subject to a flat rate charge paid by the person receiving respite according to their age. A sliding scale of charges applies to the following age groups:

  • aged 16-24  
  • aged 25-59  
  • aged 60+   

Your care manager will be able to tell you more about these charges.