Meals service

Meals at Home provides a service to people who have been assessed as being unable to prepare a hot cooked meal by themselves. 

Mainland residents

Apetito is contracted to deliver this service, to eligible mainland residents in North Ayrshire, through their franchise network Wiltshire Farm Foods.

Frozen meals are delivered on a fortnightly basis. You will have to be at home to receive them and freeze them immediately. The delivery driver can help you to load your freezer. 

If required, a microwave and freezer will be provided to use whilst receiving this service. There is no charge for this equipment hire. New users will receive an induction on the correct use of this equipment.

If you are going on holiday, or will be out at your normal delivery time, please give Wiltshire Farm Foods sufficient notice to arrange an alternative delivery.

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How much do they cost?

The cost is £2.75 per 2 course meal, with a minimum order of 10 meals per fortnight.  

How to apply

Contact your local Health and Social Care Partnership office and ask for an assessment or, if you are aged 75 or over, complete and return a self-referral form (PDF, 4.2mb).

Services on Arran

Hot meals are provided by local schools and the council's residential home on the island. Meals are delivered by volunteers or Care at Home staff.

How much do they cost?

If you are assessed as requiring Meals on Wheels as part of your care plan, you will be charged £2.75 per 2 course meal. 

How to apply

If you live on Arran, contact your local Health and Social Care Partnership office.

What if I’m not eligible for meals services?

If you are not eligible for either meals service, or would prefer to arrange a private meals service, then you can contact Wiltshire Farm Foods direct on 01294 551734.

Alternatives to Meals at Home

Day services and lunch clubs

If you are assessed as eligible for older people's day services, lunch will be provided when you attend the centre.

Voluntary organisations run lunch clubs throughout North Ayrshire. The Ayrshire Community Trust can provide information.  


If you are recovering from an accident or illness at home our reablement service can help you to relearn personal care and household tasks such as meal preparation.

More information

Mainland residents should contact their local Health and Social Care Partnership office.

Meals on Wheels for Arran residents
Arran Council Office
Shore Road
Isle of Arran
KA27 8JY

Telephone: 01770 600742