Care at Home

Our service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and can help with daily tasks such as:

  • getting dressed
  • maintaining personal hygiene
  • taking medication
  • getting out of and into bed

Services may be provided by our care at home assistants or through one of our approved partners in the independent sector. Regardless of who provides your care you can expect to receive the same standards of service.


Contact your local Health and Social Care Partnership office. Ask for an assessment of needs. Our eligibility criteria will inform:  

  • if you receive any services at all
  • who provides the services
  • the level and amount of services you receive
  • when you will receive your services

If you aren't eligible, we'll tell you where you can get advice, support and services from a private or voluntary provider.   


Anyone assessed as requiring help with daily living tasks may be eligible. 

Intensive support (recovering from an accident or coming home from hospital) is provided through our reablement service

Starting your Care at Home service

An assessor will visit you at home to agree your personal plan. This lists the days and times your care at home assistants will visit. You will then have a visit from a senior care at home assistant who will discuss:

  • your daily routine
  • a risk assessment (if required)
  • contact details
  • your likes and dislikes
  • health and wellbeing

Your personal plan holds information that your care at home assistants will add to at each visit. Assistants will respect your values and beliefs and will only go into areas of your home that you agree to.

Will I have to pay?

We operate a charging policy for our services. A confidential financial assessment will be carried out. This includes a benefit check and determines if you will be charged for your service. We always take ability to pay into account.

Services that have no charge include:

  • Reablement
  • the first 4 weeks care at home following discharge from hospital for over 65s
  • personal care for over 65s, including: personal hygiene, continence management, food and diet, simple treatments, medication management
  • personal assistance

The following services have a charge:

  • shopping
  • housework

Reviews and changes

Your care manager will review your care needs annually. Your care at home manager will review your care services every 6 months. 

You can request a review at any time if you feel that your circumstances have changed and/or your care needs are not being met by your current services.

Our standard of service to you

Our Care at Home service will:

  • deliver the best possible service
  • provide care in a way that meets your needs
  • provide care in a professional manner by trained staff
  • regularly review your service
  • regularly monitor your service
  • observe staff at work to make sure they are working to best practice standards

More information

The Scottish Government has produced a guide for older people's care in Scotland: Finding the care that is right for you.

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