Rehabilitative support services - Dirrans Centre

Providing personalised support services to adults with physical disability, brain injury, neurological, or long term conditions. 

Services are delivered in; the purpose built Dirrans Centre in Kilwinning, in the home, or using community resources. 

Our aims

  • to provide personalised community based rehabilitative support services
  • to deliver services promoting independence, self management and meaningful activity
  • to provide support with learning and employment aspirations and provide links to opportunities
  • to provide service users access to the Dirrans Centre activity programme
  • to provide support to carers

Accessing the service

If you, or someone you know, would benefit from this service contact your local Health and Social Care Partnership office to request an assessment of your needs. If appropriate, we will visit you at home to carry out a full assessment. If the assessment shows that you would benefit from our service we will arrange a visit to the Dirrans Centre, where our services will be fully explained and you can meet members of staff and other service users.

Is there a cost?

Following the assessment period there is a weekly charge. Your ability to pay will always be taken into account and will be in line with our charging policy.

Our facilities

The Dirrans Centre provides an activity and community base for the service, facilities include:

  • gym
  • training kitchen, lounge/dining room, quiet room
  • 3 multi-purpose activity rooms
  • computer/I.T. room
  • enterprise area/staff accommodation
  • fully accessible garden, with greenhouse, barbeque and patio area, providing a variety of gardening activities

What activities are provided?

Activities change regularly, to meet the needs of those attending, such as:

  • individual fitness programmes
  • cooking and healthy lifestyles
  • adult literacy support
  • computing and newsletter production
  • music, arts and crafts
  • enterprise activities

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Dirrans Centre, Dirrans Terrace, Kilwinning, KA13 7PH