Physical disabilities team 

Independent living support

We support those whose ability to lead an independent life has been tested by illness, disability or frailty. We help people who have been born with an impairment or disability which limits their:

  • movement
  • co-ordination
  • dexterity
  • awareness of their surroundings. 

Independent living services help people to keep control in their lives. 

Would it benefit me?

After an accident, or illness, you may not be able or confident to do things you once did. Our Occupational Therapy Team can help you to regain and maintain daily living skills. They can arrange for equipment and adaptations to make living in your home easier.

If you have a sensory impairment we can advise and support you to maintain your independence.

If you have a suffered a brain injury our rehabilitative support services can work with you to aid your recovery and help you adapt to any limitations.

How is independent living relevant to me?

The values which underpin independent living:

  • choice
  • respect 
  • accessibility

are at the heart of our Health and Social Care Partnership.

We work towards giving you choice and control as part of developing Self-Directed support. Assessments will focus on what you can, not what you can't. You are encouraged to be fully involved in your assessment. This helps to make sure that your views and choices are taken into account.

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