Help with sensory impairments

Our Sensory Impairment Team offers a range of supports to you if you are:

  • blind
  • visually impaired
  • deaf
  • hearing impaired
  • deaf blind.

We work towards helping you maintain or regain independence and can assess for specially adapted equipment.

We have staff qualified in British Sign Language, can access communication support on your behalf and can help you access information in accessible formats.

Accessing our services

If you have been certified blind or partially sighted, your hospital, will normally contact North Ayrshire Council to register your visual impairment.

We take referrals from; opticians, schools, GPs and other health professionals.

If you, or someone you care for, would benefit from our services, please contact your local Health and Social Care Partnership office or the Sensory Impairment team to request an assessment.

What happens next?

A member of our team will contact you to assess your needs. If this identifies that there is a need for our help, a support plan will be completed that meets your needs. A range of supports and services will be offered, which may include:

  • specialist equipment 
  • information and advice, including directing or referring you to other agencies who provide services
  • information on welfare benefits you may be entitled to
  • training in areas such as communication, independent living, orientation and mobility
  • provision of a care service.

Contact Community Care, Disabilities and Sensory Impairment Service


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