Your assessment

Adults and older people are assessed via the Supported Self Assessment Questionnaire.

Children's assessments fall under the Scottish Government's Getting it Right for Every Child (GIRFEC) programme. 

Supported Self Assessment Questionnaire (SSAQ)

The SSAQ is an outcome focused assessment to decide what care and support is most appropriate for people over the age of 18.

We'll ask you about how you're coping with things like:

  • your independence
  • your personal safety
  • involvement in family, social, work activities

Request an assessment

Contact your local Health and Social Care Partnership office to request an assessment.

Your needs will be assessed in line with our eligibility criteria

The assessment meeting

The assessment will usually be completed in your home.

If you're in hospital the assessment will be done before you're discharged.

The assessment may be complete by you, or with help from a friend, family, or professional support.

Action Plan

The information in your assessment is used to make an Action Plan. It will show:

  • how much care and support will be given
  • when this will take place
  • who'll provide this and for how long
  • any care needs that can't be met
  • what the services will cost

Anyone involved in your care will have access to your Action Plan to ensure continuity of care. It will be reviewed regularly to make sure that your package of care meets your needs.

We will determine your suitability for services and your eligibility for:

Services you can access without a full assessment


There is no charge for an assessment. You may be charged for services provided as part of your Action Plan. 

You can ask us to reconsider a charge if you think it is more than you should reasonably be expected to pay.

See our charges for services page for more information.