Returning home from hospital  

Our Hospital Social Work Team supports rehabilitation after a spell in hospital. 

Planning coming home

As an in-patient, the team will assess your needs in collaboration with hospital staff, relatives and carers. They may meet to consider:

  • if it is safe and practicable for you to return home
  • what support services you may need
  • how you'll manage prescribed medication
  • equipment or adaptations that may help
  • if your carer will be able to cope

You will have an opportunity to have your say.

Support options

We can provide and refer to services, including:

  • Reablement Services 
  • making sure that your benefits are restarted (if stopped whilst in hospital) 
  • initiating a claim for benefits (if any change in circumstances now make you eligible)
  • referring you for respite and/or day services
  • liaising with housing to consider sheltered accommodation
  • referring you to the Independent Living Service
  • introducing you to our Dementia Support Service (if appropriate)

What if I am not able to return home?

Your assessment may show that it is not safe, or practicable, for you to return home. In this situation, residential or nursing care may be considered.

If you are assessed as needing residential or nursing care, you, your family and your carers, will be given information on the range of care homes, their availability and cost. A financial assessment will determine whether you will have to pay towards care home fees. You'll be advised about obtaining inspection reports from the Care Inspectorate.

What if I feel that I am not ready to be discharged from hospital? 

Discuss this with your consultant, care manager or named nurse. If after doing this, there is still disagreement, health and/or Social Services staff will advise you on how to appeal. 


For people over the age of 65 years of age, no charges apply to Care at Home Services in the first 4 weeks following discharge from hospital. Care at Home Services continuing after 4 weeks will be subject to our charging policy. There will be no charge for Reablement Services.

Charges for services are subject to financial assessment. We'll ensure that you receive all the benefits you are entitled to. Your social worker will provide you with more information on this process. We'll always take into account your ability to pay.

Contact Hospital Social Work


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