Pupil records 

Who can access pupil records?

The Education (Pupil Records) (Scotland) Regulations 2003 gives parents the right to access their children's pupil records free of charge.

How to access pupil records

Parents/carers can email, or write to, their school and request access to their child’s records. Access to a record will be provided within 40 days of the school receiving the written request.  

Schools will not disclose information which:

  • is likely to cause significant distress or harm to the pupil or any other person
  • is sensitive and personal
  • reveals whether a pupil is or has been the subject of, or is at risk of, child abuse - where it would not be in the best interests of the pupil
  • has been provided by the principal reporter for a children's hearing

Moving or leaving school

When a pupil moves to a school within North Ayrshire their record is sent to the new school.

When a pupil transfers to a school outside North Ayrshire, we’ll pass a copy of the pupil record to the new school.

Pupil records are kept for 5 years after the pupil's last secondary school attendance.