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Health and Wellbeing Census 2021/22

North Ayrshire Council is committed to improving the Health and Wellbeing of all children and young people. As part of this commitment, we aim to do all we can to improve children’s services in North Ayrshire. To help with this, we are asking schools to take part in the Health and Wellbeing Census 2021-22 which asks all children in Primary 5 (P5) to Secondary 6 (S6) about their lives and wellbeing.

This survey asks questions on a wide range of topics which impact on the HWB of pupils in that age group. The topics include your child's:

• attitude to school

• perception of achievement

• perception on the pressure of school work

• physical activity/exercise

• eating behaviours

• general health

• general wellbeing (life satisfaction)

• mental wellbeing (S2 pupils upwards)

• physical or mental health condition

• sleep pattern

• feeling of discrimination

• relationship with peers

• self-perception (body image)

• social media and online experience

• relationships with family / environment

• relationships with parents/carers

• resilience

• involvement in decision making

• use of alcohol (S2 pupils upwards)

• use of tobacco (S2 pupils upwards)

• use of drugs (S4 pupils upwards)

• involvement in positive activities

• caring responsibilities

• experience of bullying

• aspirations and career planning

• relationships and sexual health (S4 pupils upwards)

• sedentary behaviour

• perception on places to play

By law, local authorities and their partners are required to plan for children’s services for their local area. To ensure that this is done effectively, it is important to understand the wellbeing and needs of children in each local area and we hope to use the results gathered from this survey to help improve services for children and families within North Ayrshire.

The information we are gathering will help us to:

• plan and deliver better policies for the benefit of all children and families, or specific groups

• better understand some of the factors which influence the outcomes for children

• target resources better

• enhance the quality of research to improve the lives of people in Scotland

As part of our commitment to ensuring that we comply with GDPR regulations regarding the implementation of this survey, you can read our HWB Main Privacy Notice.

You can also find frequently asked questions for parents and carers, as well as further information on the HWB Census from the Scottish Government.

Information for children and young people

To find out more about the Health and Wellbeing census and what this means for you as a pupil, see the below resources: