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Learning need not take place solely within educational buildings. The outdoor environment has massive potential for learning. We are extremely fortunate to have such rich urban and rural environments on our doorsteps and our children and young people's learning experiences can be enhanced by maximising the potential of outdoors.

Keith Brown MSP - Minister for Skills and Lifelong Learning 2010

Therefore -

Our Vision for outdoor learning for schools in North Ayrshire is:

  • All children and young people will participate in a range of progressive and creative outdoor learning experiences which are clearly part of the curriculum

Arran Outdoor Education is committed to the realisation of this vision and we offer a range of courses to support the curriculum both at primary and secondary stages. We also deliver a number of National Governing Body Award (CPD) opportunities to support staff who would wish to deliver to their own pupils or community group.

You can find out how to book a course and the prices for this. 

All our activities follow the highest safety standards at all times.